Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa!

Boy n Baby:
Happy Birthday Papa! Today is Papa's birthday but the hoomans didnt go anywhere. They are planning to have a special dinner tomorrow night instead because it happens to be their Wedding Anniversary Day. Which means, we are going to be home alone. But does that also mean we can order pizza, have beer and watch television all night? We will ask Mama later.

And before we forget, we are supposed to post Nadya'a photo of her wearing the CNY costume as promised to Chiyo weeks ago.

This is the best photo that we can come up with. She has this problem about not looking at the camera long enough for Mama to snap a good shot. Gee, that sounds so familiar.

And talking about Nadya, she is really becoming bolder now. She will chase us all the way under the sofa and sometimes she will hug us so tight, more like strangling we would say. She also likes to poke her fingers into our eyes. But we dont have hard feelings about these because we know that she dont mean any harm.

In fact we thinks that she loves more than the hoomans. Everytime she wakes up from her sleep, she turn to Mama and ask, "Baby?" then Mama will say, "Baby is sleeping", then she will ask "Bo Boy?", Mama will give her the same answer and it will goes on and on until she is tired of asking.

And everytime before she stepped out of the house, she will look for us and chase us just to give us a kiss on our forehead. So with all these sweet antics of hers, how can we be angry with her for her mischiefs?

Boy n Baby

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gifts from Sunshade!

Boy n Baby:
We havent heard much from Sunshade. We guess she must be busy with 'Stinky'. But last week we got a suprise in our mail box. We received a parcel from her.

She sent us 'Sailor' Collars. Mama assumes that the red one is for Baby while the blue one for Boy. Did she get it right, Sunshade?

She also send us some treats.

Top Left to Right: Doggie Wishbone (Beef Tendon), Bully Stick (Dehydrated Beef), 'Unknown' Bone & a Goodie Bag.

And inside the goodie bag was some 'yummy' looking cookies with icing.

We were fighting for the heart shaped with cupid arrow cookie. Finally, i gave in to Boy since he likes Sunshade alot.

Boy: It was superbly yummy.

But it left a stain on my mouth and i wasnt too happy because Mama wanted to clean it off.

Thank you Sunshade! We cant wait to try the rest of the treats and to show off our collars the next time we go out.

Boy n Baby

Monday, February 26, 2007

Goodbye Old Bed.

Mama got me a new bed/house. The exact one like Chiyo's. I was pretty excited about it but at the same time was sad that she is going to throw my old bed.

This is me spending some last moments with the old bed.

I tested the new bed...

Hmmm, seems comfy enough.

I also allow Baby to try it and she likes it too.

Thou i still prefer the old bed, i have to let it go. The basket is giving way so it is time for him to retire. Good Bye 'Old Bed'!


Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy 1st Barkday, Boo!

Boy n Baby:
Today, 23rd February 2007 is a very special day. Exactly a year ago, a very special pup was born...

He was a cute boy

who likes crossing his legs then.

And as days and months go by, he grew from cute to handsome.

Who would have guessed that the handsome boy soon became a Casanova...

who managed to melt these girl's heart (at least these are those that we know of)


Baby (ooops, isnt that me?)

and even Simba (we dont think he is a girl, thou).

So on this very Special Day, we would like to wish him


And me, Baby would like to send him

My 'Sexy' Look

My 'Wink Wink'

& an Imaginary 'Kiss'. *Muah Muah*


Boy n Baby

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Post Bathing Session II.

Mama bathe me today and knowing that i act funny after my bath each time, she decided to catch me on video.

But i dont think i am funny or silly cos i seen Snickers acting like that too after her bath.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Valentine Day Pressie from Scrappy!

I received my 3rd Valentine Pressie from my boyfriend Scrappy. He sent me an A4 size poster of himself.

Scrappy is so white and fluffy...

He also sent me a 'Kangaroo' with 'I love Australia' on it.

And a 'Green Bow' to tie my hair with. My hair is pretty short but i still want to tie it for a while to show it to Scrappy.

Oops, sorry for the 'Grumpy Look'. I love the 'Kangaroo' but i am mad because Mama says that i cant play with the 'Kangaroo' cos she is going to display it in the glass cupboard. Hmmmph....

Can someone please tell that evil woman that the Kan-Ga-Roo is MINE!

Anyway, Thank you very much Scrappy for the lovely gifts *muah muah*


Monday, February 19, 2007

Chinese New Year.

Boy n Baby:
We are half-chinese (Papa is Chinese while Mama is not) so we do get to celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY). This year was more special because firstly we received a CNY card from FuFu.

Thank you Fufu!

And on the eve of CNY, we received a jar of 'Peanut Butter & Oatmeal' from Boo Boo & Bond. They actually came all the way to our house to send it over but the hoomans were not at home then, so we didnt manage to see them. What a letdown!

Thank you Boo Boo & Bond!

Mama also brought home a big box of 8 different goodies home and we love the way it was presented.

We also got new clothes for CNY.

We didnt receive any 'Ang Pows' but its okay, because we got lots of yummy goodies to compensate for it. We got to go now because we can smell that someone is eating our pineapple tarts and we got to check it out.

Meanwhile to all our friends who celebrate Chinese New Year, 'Gong Xi Fa Cai!'

Boy n Baby

Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine Day Pressie from HUSKEE BOY!

On Valentine's eve, i received another 'Valentine's Day' pressie and this time it is from my man, Huskee Boy. He gave me a bootiful pink sleeved (how did you know i love pink?) t-shirt with a big heart on it. i tried it on and it fits me very nicely. Here are some photos of me posing with the T-shirt on.

There was also a card...

and i just love this picture in it.

Huskee being such a sweet and thoughtful guy, he didnt forget Boy so he send him some treat too.

And this is my treat.

Mama lets us try the treats that night and this is how i feel about the treats.

Absolutely YUMMY!

Thank you for the pressie...*muah muah*.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine Day Pressie from CHIYO!

I got my first Valentine Day pressie from hot babe, Chiyo.

She sent me a bootiful photo of herself.

Just look at that sweet face....

There is a poem written for me too.

And a Bar-B-Chew.

Here is a video of me enjoying the chewy.

Baby was so envious of the chewy.

Being a good brother that i am, i finally allowed her to try the chewy.

After she is done, i took it back from her. Here i am, enjoying the chewy once again and at the same time, looking at my lovely lady photo. What more can i ask for...