Wednesday, September 26, 2007

'Give a Caption' Game.

Everyone is invited to participate in this game. The rules are simple. Give a caption for the following three pictures. It can be a caption of what you think we are up to or a dialogue between Nadya and me. Label your answers with Pic 1, Pic 2 & Pic 3.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

This game will end on 3o September 07 at 00:00 hrs (Singapore Time). We will then pick 2 winners with the most creative answers. Prize is sponsored by Nadya.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Pretty Dress & Bow.

Snowball gave me this quite some time ago but i have yet to show you guys. She gave me a very pretty dress.

She has one too and she looks pretty in it too. The pink ribbon that i wearing on my topknot is also from her and her jie made it herself.

Isnt her jie so creative? I wish Mama was at least half that creative..

Are we ready to go out now?
Thanks you, Snowball!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Boy n Baby:
We know that we have not been posting much. That is because mama is busy packing and seeing to the renovations of the new home. Plus she has to work and look after Nadya. These are the reasons that she gave but we think she is lying *pouts*

And the more URGENT thing is that we want to tell you we have changed address. If you need to know our new address, you can email mama at

We will try to blog soon and we will definately miss you guys.

Boy n Baby

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dopey, our God Brother.

Boy n Baby:
Let us introduce you to our God-Brother. For those who are not familiar with the term God-Brother, it actually means like a foster brother, adopted brother, 2nd brother.... something along that line.

His name is Dopey, also affectionately known as Dop-eye.

He such a cutie and look at that innocent face unlike this bully.

Boo the Bully

Boy n Baby

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Din-Din Hairstyle

Presenting my Din Din hairstyle aka the Minnie Mouse look...

This also helps if you dont want the food on your bowl to stick to your hair.

Mama thinks that the next photo is cute and i should share it with you guys. (Obviously i have a nicer butt than boy)


Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Secret Dinner?

Boy n Baby:
We found that our mama had a secret dinner with some of our friends' hoomans.

Hmmm, from this paw paw photo of theirs we can guess who she had dinner with. They must be HM (Chiyo), Eil (Girl Girl), J (Jay), GG (BooBoo & Bond), S (Huskee's mom) & B (Huskee's maid). Well, we are not JEALOUS! After all a party without us will be so boring.

Mama: They were wrong. We had a lot of fun during dinner. We talk about many stuff and we all feel that we should this more often meaning leave the furkids at home..haha

But all were forgiven when we saw mama bringing this home for us.

These are specially home made meat patties done by Huskee's maid.

Baby: Look at my tongue!

And jus a few seconds later, this is all that is left...

It is super duper yummy licious!

Boy: And of top of that, I received a 'Get Well' pressie from Huskee. Two pack of Doggie Chocolates!!!

I dont feel so sick anymore!

Boy n Baby

Barkday Pressies!!!!!


I am so late in posting my barkday pressie entry. We have been real busy with packing and mama has been asked to cover more duties at work recently. Anyway these are the cool pressies that i received from my friends...

This great looking bed is from Snowball however stoopid photoshop doesnt seem to allow me to put her name on the photo.

And this cool cool magazine cover is from my buddy, Boo. I am going to be so popular now that i am a magazine pin-up boy.

THANK YOU for all the lovely pressies!


Monday, September 3, 2007

Royal Tail Tales - PART 5

Before I continue with my 'Royal Tail Tales' Part 5, you should read

Part 1 - Chiyo's Blog
Part 2 - BooBoo's Blog
Part 3 - Boo's Blog
Part 4 - Huskee's Blog

And while the other prince were arguing on who should get who from the princess gang, i have decided to do something more courageous. I have decided to go to 'Halloween Monster Land' to fight the monster.


Needless to say, i won. And i was nicknamed Prince 'Braveheart'.

This is the wound of my battle.

Soon, everydog heard of my bravery and i had many admirers all over the land. But i fell in love and had eyes for this lady pup. She is pretty, gentle and demure. I then decide to take her as my princess.

When i reach DWB land, i asked the other princes..

'Arent you guys jealous of me?'

To be continued by Girl Girl.