Thursday, May 31, 2007

Billy Boo's Gifts for Everyone.

Boy n Baby:
Billy's gifts came in a HUGE box that the postman had to come up to our house to deliver it personally cos it cant fit in our mailbox. Lucky thing the hoomans were around to open the door. We could not wait any longer so we ripped open the parcel and we found many stuffs inside.

We are not sure what this is called but we know what it is for. Billy said this is for Mama n Papa. Bad news and good news. Bad news is they are not going to use it for now and they going to put it in a box. Good news is they are going to keep for our new home (we are moving out somewhere in August). They sort of think of this as their housewarming gift.

This is for Nadya. And in return Nadya (another doofus in the making) dedicate this picture to you, Billy.

And now OUR pressie!

Baby: This is for me but you know what.. evil Mama dont allow me to play with it and kept it away in the display cupboard. Totally unfair!

There were also two squeaky doggie and one is for Boy but i will let him play with it later. But it is ALL mine for now. There was a card for me too.

Then the bestest part...

Treats! It is so yummy. Actually when we are posting this, we have finished it all up. We are normally quite choosy about treats but this is like the yummiest treats that we ever tasted. Mama says she will look out for these treats the next time she goes to the pet store cos we just cant get enough of it.

Thank you Billy!

Boy n Baby

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Latest News on Our Baby Hamsters.

Boy n Baby:
We got GOOD news to share! All our four baby hamsters have found their forever home. We would like to thank all those who have helped to ask around. Currently they are still with us and will only go to their new homes after 3 weeks.

Finally, we managed to take some photos of the babies. Sorry that is a bit dark cos they are always in the corner of the tunnel.

Can you spot all four of them? Here is another one...

One of the babies gave Mama a shock yesterday. As you know there are four of them but yesterday when Mama got home, there were only three of them. She looked everywhere in the cage but just couldnt find it. She was so afraid that the baby got eaten up. And then she saw... THE BABY WAS ON THE FLOOR!!! We have no idea how it managed to come out of the cage but our guess is the baby was clinging on Mimi (mom) and Mimi must be climbing here and there and the baby might have slipped thru the holes.

And since Mama cant touch the baby with her bare hands, she scooped the baby up with a spoon and put it back inside. Lucky thing Mimi still accepts the baby cos we do not know how long the baby has been on the floor.

We are praying and hoping that the babies will survive and Mama is always looking at them every single hour (if she is at home), just to make sure there are still four of them.

Boy n Baby

Friday, May 25, 2007

Double Tag!

Boy n Baby:
We got tagged for two different games.

Pearly has tagged us to tell 7 things about us that you may not know. So here it goes

1. I almost died when i was a puppy cos Papa bathed me with an anti flea shampoo but didnt rinse me properly and i went on licking until i salivate so badly that my hoomans had to rush me to the hospital at 1am.

2. I like to steal food and toys from Boy.

3. I like to scratch my butt on the cupboard.

4. I hate can food cos i think they stink.

5. I always pretend that i got asthma whenever i bathe.

6. When i was younger, i like chewing so much that i destroyed almost all the shoes in the house and Papa had to buy the same sandals 9 times. (It is suprising that I am still alive)

7. My tongue stick out sideway when i am asleep or about to fall asleep.

1. I love Baby although she is a brat.

2. I chocked on cashew nuts before cos i ate so many of them without chewing.

3. I eat almost everything and anything.

4. I once go through Mama's handbag and ate her lipstick and she freaked out thinking I was bleeding in my mouth.

5. I like licking my hooman's mouth when they are lying down and they have to pushed me away many times before i get the picture.

6. I once stole rambutan skin from the dustbin but didnt get a scolding. In fact, Mama felt so sad that i had to steal the skin that she fed me many rambutans after that

7. I love playing hide and seek with the hoomans.

TAGGED 2: Boo Boo tagged us to post a picture of ourselves with other another dog or animal, a funny caption to go along with the picture and tag others.


Let's see who get HIM first!!!!


The Famous Picture that is making the HEADLINES

Boo Boo, which after shave were you saying you were using?

And now we are going to tag Billy Boo, Boo and Simba for these two games.

Boy n Baby

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shocking News at least to Us.

Boy n Baby:
The shocking news is now we have 4 more hammies besides Momo n Mimi. Apparently one of them has given birth and we dont know who. There are only 2 possibilities.
  1. Either Mimi or Momo is a boy OR
  2. When Mimi n Momo join our family, one of them is pregnant already

We have been observing them and both of them have been quite gentle with the babies which makes it more difficult for us to determine who is the mother.

We are putting all four for adoption and as soon as they get older (3-4 weeks) we will give them away. 2 of them has found a home but not the another 2. So if any of you guys (Singaporean) or know of anyone who would like to adopt them, please please tell us. We really hope they will find a home soon cos we dont think we can cope with another 2 hammies in the house but at the same time we dont want to abandon them just like that.

For now, we are not able to show you any photos cos we do not wish to cause undue stress to Momo, Mimi and the babies.

Boy n Baby

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tagged and Pressie from Pearly.

Boy n Baby:
Simba has tagged us for a game. We are supposed to post a picture of ourselves in funny or weird situation.

This is Baby in a funny and weird situation. This was taken when Nadya was just 8 mths. She was caught sniffing Nadya's bum bum.

This is Boy when he was two years old. Look at the hairstyle...Doesnt he look funny?

And now we are going to tag Butchy & Snickers, Chiyo and Maggie.

Baby: I am going to show you the pressies that Pearly sent me.

Super Treats (either it is Super yummy or I will be a Superwoman after i eat it), Peanut Butter Treats (Mama loves the packaging), a blankie cum Squeaky toy and a card.

I love the Squeaky Bear on the blankie. I even gave it a kiss.

Thank you, Pearly!

Boy n Baby

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Barkday Pressie from Simba, Oscar & Boo!

I feel like a lucky pup. How often does one get to taste handmade cookies baked all the way in England...

This is my barkday pressie from Simba. Cheese Paws! It is paws-licking good. Imagine having 'cheese paws' after eating these. Now Mama, dont blame me if i cant stop licking my paws.

And another boy from England, Oscar sent me this (i think i am really popular with the English guys *wink wink*).

I tried on the hooded top.

See the word 'princess' on it?

Of course it is refering to me! Then i tried the Squeaky donut.

I put my right paw in.

I put my left paw in.

Then i gave it a bite.

And on my actual barkday, i had a another BIG suprise.

A cake and MY 'OWN' MAGAZINE! Boo, my boyfriend and the Chief Editor of the ever so popular publication PlayDog published a PlayDog Special Edition in honour of me. Hey Boo, will you bring me for a holiday since the sales for your magazine is so good?

We cut the cake

And i shared my cake with Boy.

And at the end of it, i can play with the rubber duckie.

(Mama: Baby really loves the duckie although it is so small)

Thank you Simba, Oscar and Boo! Muah Muah (thou i may need a stool to actually kiss Oscar).


Monday, May 21, 2007

Barkday Pressie from Ronin, Boo Boo & Huskee!

Sweet sweet Ronin sent me an e-card for my barkday.

What a charmer! Boo, look out... there is another Casanova in the making.

Boo Boo, my man got me these...

with his kisses too. (I will pretend that i dint see Boy's name there)

There are threats and toy.

I didnt know that Boo Boo is a model for 'Chompion'.

And my Huskee munckin got me these.

plus a sexy halter neck dress.

'B' stands for Baby

I love the card cos there is a picture of Huskee on it.

Top-side view of me wearing the collar.

And Huskee also got his mom to made Mama a bootiful pair of earrings.

Thank you, Ronin, Boo Boo and Huskee!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Photo of the Month!

I am soooooo EXCITED! Me and Boo Boo has been nominated for the Photo of the Month at DWB.

Although this picture is a little bit embarassing, i am still so thrilled just the tought of being nominated for it. So if you like this picture of me and Boo Boo *whispering*, please VOTE for us.


Friday, May 18, 2007

My Barkday Pressie from Chiyo, Jay & Fufu!

Before Fufu left us the Rainbow Bridge, Fufu and Jay got me a hamper full of goodies for my barkday.



Japanese food with Jay as the model..hehe

A dish bowl and a portable travel bowl (which means i will never be hungry when i am outside)

Mama says that i got to share these stuff with Boy. Fine,so long when he gets his barkday comes, he will have to share his pressies with me.

Chiyo, my bestest friend got me a nurse uniform.

I went around tending to my sick patients (pretend play, no one is really sick) and boy, i was tired.

Didnt know that a nurse job is so tiring.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Barkday Pressie from the Hoomans.

This year, my hoomans got me something really special. The past four yers, it has been toys, treats, clothes etc.. But this year it was something small in size and the best part, it is alive

Here is how i introduced myself it to it.

Hi there! My name is Baby. Can you come out and play?

Yes, Hamsters! I wanted them (either that or a kitty) for the longest time but my hoomans were contemplating about it. But my hoomans finally got them for me because they know how i was so down since Fufu left us.

Both of them are girls and we have named them Momo and Mimi. Until now, i cant tell them apart from their appearance. Momo is more active and willl respond to me and the hoomans while Mimi is always sleeping at the tunnel in her house.



Then i played with it some more. I am so happy.

More updates on the pressie from my friends the next few days.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On behalf of Boy n Baby.

Hi everyone. This is Boy n Baby's mama posting on behalf of them. I am sure that most of you are aware that today is Baby's Barkday. But Baby is not able to post anything on her barkday celebration because all of us here are in low spirits so we wont be having any celebration. It is just going to be an ordinary day for us.

However, she will post about the pressies that she got cos she wants to thank all of you who remembered her barkday. I, myself at the very last minute has got her something that i hope she will like. This gift of mine will reminds us of Fufu and i am sure she will tell you guys more about it soon.

Boy n Baby's Mama

Monday, May 14, 2007

In Memory of Fu fu.

He will always be in our thoughts and will be deeply missed by everyone.

Boy n Baby

Sunday, May 13, 2007


I have been tagged by Ben Ben for the Tummy Game. I have to post a picture of myself in a vertically reversed position.

Oooh, i am so shy!

And in order to complete this game, i got to tag 3 others. Hmmm, i have decided that i will tag Huskee, Boo Boo and Tanner.

Before i sign off, Boy n me would like to wish our Mama and all those great Moms of our friends a Happy Mothers Day!


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tshirt & Cookies from Boo.

Mama brought home a parcel yesterday. It is from Boo. He got me a Liverpool tee, something that i wanted for the longest time.

More pictures of me...

Think i will make it to the team?

For those who are not into football, let me tell you why Liverpool is the BEST. They have won

  1. Eighteen First Division titles (the most of any English Clubs)

  2. Seven FA Cups (the most of any English club)

  3. Three UEFA Cups (the most of any English club)

  4. Five European Cups (the most of any English club)

So dont support any other club but Liverpool..hehe.

Boo also send us some very yummy-licious looking cookies.

They come in interesting shapes and smell sooooo goood that Mama is suspecting they are hooman cookies and wanted to to take a bite. No way!

Thank you Boo for the T-shirt and it is very nice and sweet of you to share your cookies with us. We really appreciate it.