Friday, May 25, 2007

Double Tag!

Boy n Baby:
We got tagged for two different games.

Pearly has tagged us to tell 7 things about us that you may not know. So here it goes

1. I almost died when i was a puppy cos Papa bathed me with an anti flea shampoo but didnt rinse me properly and i went on licking until i salivate so badly that my hoomans had to rush me to the hospital at 1am.

2. I like to steal food and toys from Boy.

3. I like to scratch my butt on the cupboard.

4. I hate can food cos i think they stink.

5. I always pretend that i got asthma whenever i bathe.

6. When i was younger, i like chewing so much that i destroyed almost all the shoes in the house and Papa had to buy the same sandals 9 times. (It is suprising that I am still alive)

7. My tongue stick out sideway when i am asleep or about to fall asleep.

1. I love Baby although she is a brat.

2. I chocked on cashew nuts before cos i ate so many of them without chewing.

3. I eat almost everything and anything.

4. I once go through Mama's handbag and ate her lipstick and she freaked out thinking I was bleeding in my mouth.

5. I like licking my hooman's mouth when they are lying down and they have to pushed me away many times before i get the picture.

6. I once stole rambutan skin from the dustbin but didnt get a scolding. In fact, Mama felt so sad that i had to steal the skin that she fed me many rambutans after that

7. I love playing hide and seek with the hoomans.

TAGGED 2: Boo Boo tagged us to post a picture of ourselves with other another dog or animal, a funny caption to go along with the picture and tag others.


Let's see who get HIM first!!!!


The Famous Picture that is making the HEADLINES

Boo Boo, which after shave were you saying you were using?

And now we are going to tag Billy Boo, Boo and Simba for these two games.

Boy n Baby


Billy said...

Thanks for the tag you two (or 8!)...

Mom is at work (shhh) but we will get this done tonight when we are home...Mom has to put her thinking cap on!!!

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:) one will be able to surpass the "Famous Picture"...

Boo said...

oh baby, u know i read that scratching butt is not actually a good sign. it might means you have anal sac problem. but if u go to the groomer regularly, they will poke something into your butt to clean it up. i'm sure it's nothing serious.

can't believe your dad bought the same sandals 9 times. kekekeke.

boy, personally i think u like cross dressing, i mean make up that's why you steal your mom's lipstick! i wonder how you look like with lipstick on!

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

Gosh you guys have both given your mom cause for a heart attack with flea shampoo and cashew nuts! But the good will always out-weigh the bad! You're both so sweet!

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

I laughed at loud at the lipstick one! But that's scary about the flea shampoo and the cashews you guys!!!

Oscar x

Joe Stains said...

what in the heck is a rambutan? is it like a doofus tan?

good thing you got to the doctors after the soap episode!

Pearly said...

Baby - what a freaky experence you had about the flea bath, it's funny how you pretend you got a asthma whenever your bath, I hope its really pretending, and your really a chewie girl, munching on your papa sandal...

Boy, eating nuts, eating anything and putting on lipstick.. your a interesting one... so funny!

Paw hugs..I enjoy learning more about you two!


Bella said...

Hee hee,
Baby I go to the groomer every 6 weeks and monthly worming BUT i still like to scratch my BUTT on the carpet - mama calls it scooting !!!

Huskee Boy said...

WHAT? MY poor Baby almost died?? I am so glad everything turned out well..
Hmm.. did Boy eat the lipstick or was he trying to apply it on himself??

PreciOus said...

Oh my! Fortunately all turned out well for you both.


Sweets-littlebigman said...

That's funny, Boy putting on lipstick. I would've freaked too, thinking he was bleeding from the mouth. Baby must hate baths as much as I do. Does the asthma thing work? Maybe I should try that.


Ike said...

Hey - if moms can eat lipstick, we can eat lipstick!

chiyo said...

i always lick the shampoo every time i get a bath!! it used to freak HM out completely but now she just tries to finish my bath as quick as possible so i wouldn't eat too much shampoo. and you know what? i also pretend that i am going to die when i get a bath, i hunch up and when HM lifts a foot i make sure to lost balance and fall over. hee i think your tongue sticking out is super cute!!

hahahha the lipstick thing is so funny! in retrospect :p


Jackson said...

Hey, cool lists. I feel like I know you both so much better! J x

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I just love that pic of you guys Boy - it says it all. And the lipstick vampire thing is hilarious! Too bad Mom read this too or I would try it myself.

Bussie Kissies

Amber-Mae said...

Hey goo one you two! I like the second tag game captions, very original & funny!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer