Monday, February 25, 2008

The WEDDING is still ON!!!

Hi everyone! I am back and mama made me promise NOT to sneak out again and make people who cares about me to worry. I have been real tired since i havent been sleeping well. Nothing beats sleeping at your own bed in your own home. I am just sooooo happy to be at home and you dogs, cats and hamsterrier might notice that my famous 'coconut-tree' top knot has been chopped off. Looks like i have to grow one again.

When i was back, a gift and a card from my Huskee Munchkins was waiting for me.

He even wrote me something sweet...

The diamonds.... This must be a few 'carrots'.

He also didnt forget i love squeaky toys. (The heart shaped bone is from Huskee)

Thank you, Huskee Munchkins. You are so sweeeeeet and i am so glad that you are mine.

Our wedding is still on and it has been postponed to 14 March 2008. You can come as any fairy-tale character but we will still welcome you even if you come nekkid :p It's your presence that we really want to make that day a memorable and a happy one for us. Do remember to RSVP at so that we can reserve seats for you.

Aire-Ruby will be taking care of all the trans-paw-tation logistics, so don't forget to make your reservations early!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Baby is BACK!!!

Baby is BACK!!!!!

Last night at 10.30pm, i went to their home again. A woman opened the door and assure me that they will return baby. This is not the same woman who we talked to on the phone. The one we spoke too was her elder sister. And we also then found out that her elder sister lied. Baby was not with her friend, Baby was at her daughter's home. So how can you not able to contact your own daughter. We keep on stressing how important Baby was to us.

Finally at 11.50pm, we received a call from them saying that Baby is back and we can come over to get her. I was super thrilled and excited to meet Baby. We guess they wanted to keep Baby initially and then they may have started to feel guilty so they decided to return Baby to us. They told us how much they fell in love with Baby and they wasnted to know whether they can visit her. I didnt want to be nasty so i told them they could despite the fact that they lied to me earlier on.

All i care was Baby is back by my side and she slept like a log last night. She looks okay only that they cut her hair so she is without her 'coconut tree' topknot but that does not matter. All that matter is SHE IS BACK!!! And she is back because God must have listen to all your prayers out there for her safe return.

Thank you everyone. I will try to visit your blogs very soon to catch up.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


After we (Eil - GG, Snowball's Jie, GalGal - BooBoo, J- Jay and Huskee's mom) send out flyers on Baby, we received a call from a boy at around 1pm.

1pm (16 Feb):He told us that he brought Baby home on the Sunday that she went missing and she is now with an auntie. When we requested for further details, he told us that he will contact his aunties and get back to us.

5pm (16 Feb): we called back ad this time it was his mom who anwered the phone. She denied at first and even accuse her son of sprouting nonsense but when we told her that someone has called us and saw Baby at her block, she admitted that her son did bring Baby home and her friend brought Baby back. We again asked for more details and all she say that she will call her friend.

9pm (16 Feb): we called her again and she said that she cant contact her friend. Told us to wait until tomorrow.

1Oam (17 Feb): No one answered the call

4pm (17 Feb): Finally got hold of her. Claimed that she still cant get her friend. Told her that we will make a police report. She said, go ahead.

7pm (17 Feb): went to police post, police told us to settle it ourselves. We can file a report but no action can be take by them because

1. No witness that actually saw Baby with them

2. Everyting is just verbal.

3. It has only been a day that the woman spoke to us.

They even told us, unless we have evidence that Baby is with them then they can follow up. I then questioned him " so in your EXPERT opinion, how do we go about getting the evidence since YOU need one". He went silence and claimed that this is the first such case that they got and started asking me about Baby's value. That got me really mad. I told him off that its not how much we got Baby for, its the bond that i have with her. He told us to go and knock their door and talk to them. We then told him, that is what we will be doing and we just want to file a report incase anyone complain that we are knocking 'their' door.

8pm: knocked their door, no one at home. Knocked their neighbours door, no one at home too.

After updating this, i will be going over again. I will continue to call her and knock her door everyday untill Baby returns. Hopefully, by pressuring her, she will eventually return Baby to us.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Searching for Baby

Again i would like to thank everyone for their support and to those who email me. I really appreciate the emails and the concern you are showing us. I know most of you have posted about Baby in your blog and i truly appreciate that.

This Sat, Huskee's mom, GirlGirl's Eil, BooBoo's GalGal, Snowball's Jie and Julie's J is helping me to distribute flyers all over my blocks. And this is the poster. Feel free to print it out and distribute it if you are in Singapore

I really appreciate all this support. You guys make me stronger and give more confidence to find Baby.

Boo has even created us a special button "Where is Baby?"

And if you wan to put it this button on your blog, just copy and paste this.

<div align="left">
<a href="">
<img src=""
alt="Where is Baby? " /></a></div>
Click <a href="">
HERE</a>for contact info.
<br><a href="">HERE</a> for
Baby's blog. <p>

I will update again as soon as i have news. I am sorry that i havent been visiting your blogs. I will catch up with you guys soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Update on Baby

Sadly to say, Baby is not home yet. We have called the relevant authority, made police report, put up posters, talk to our neighbours but we still cant reach out to her.

Our family misses her badly and our home is very quiet without her. I have taken leave and have been waiting by the phone for the good news. At night, we will sit at out carpark, in case she barks we can hear her. We really do nt know what else we can do.

We would like to thank everyone for their well wishes and we hope our prayers will be answered soon.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bad News

Boy n Baby's Mama:
This to let everyone knows that Baby has been missing from home since last nite. She might have slipped out of the house when we didnt notice. We have put up posters everywhere in our neighbourhood. We suspect that she is at someone's home cos we live on the 11th floor and there is no way, she can go all the way down.

Please help us to pray for her return. The whole family miss her badly.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Award & Gifts

Boy n Baby:
Snowball has awarded us (well, Baby actually but Baby awarded Boy this award since Boy is very special to her). Thank you, Snowball!

We also received gifts from our friends all the way from Malaysia.

From Goofy:

From Rossi:

Thank you, Goofy & Rossi!

Boy n Baby's mama: It is a difficult task to get them to take photos with the gifts that they get. They are always too excited and too fast for me.

The only way is to hold them so that they dont move.

Boy n Baby