Thursday, November 30, 2006

More Christmas Cards.

Boy & Baby
We received 3 more cards yesterday which makes a total of 4.

This is from Liza & Dory. The Christmas Tree picture is so beautiful And look at the green paw print. Psst psst, is that really yours Dory? How did you do that?

The 2nd card is from Butchy & Snickers.

They have included a photo of themselves. See see…. They look so good.

Is that the bandanna that your mom made for you? I think Sunshade got one too, right. Mama handmade us a bandanna but it sux, BIG TIME! . One of these days we will post the photo then you will know what we mean.

And this one is from Handsome Herbie. Hehe, we added the 'handsome' word ourselves cos we think he looks so cool with that Santa Hat. Thank you guys for the cards.

By the way, our cards are all done and we will be posting it our real soon. Thanks to Fufu, we found out that there is a "Postage Promotion" going on right now in Singapore. For greeting cards below 40g, overseas postage rate is S$0.50 irregardless of the destination. You know what it means fellow Singaporean Pups... we can demand for more presents for Christmas. YEah!

We also want to say 'Thank You' to our dearest
Chiyo & HM for the voucher. We love you, Chiyo. Muah Muah. Now it is even easier to convince Mama to buy the Dogs with Blogs Calendar.

Boy n Baby

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pinky Tongue.

Presenting my lovely pink tongue.....

I can curl it up and I can touch my nose with it...
Maybe if i ty hard enough, i can even use it to touch my fringe...
And the best part...

I can even shape it like a.... heart.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Lefty Ear.


Something is fishy about my ears. Not both but the left one only. It smells badly. In all my seven years, this never happened to me. But its not painful hence, i am not tilting to 1 side neither do i have problem scratching them.

Mama was thinking of bringing me to the vet (hope not) but later she decides to get me some medicine off the shelf first n see how it goes. The lady at the shop recommended this:

The ear drops look like 'Bandung' (red sugar syrup + milk). I thought for a while that i was suppose to drink it but not. It suppose to be used like a ear drop ...drats.

The nice lady asked Mama some questions n she came to this conclusion tat the groomer who plucked my ear's hair did not do a good job. Their equipments were not very clean n since my pores were open (due to the plucking), my ear got infected. And she says tat she has seen many similiar cases like this.

By the way, Mama do not like the idea of my ear hair being plucked. She was thinking of telling them to trim instead of plucking the next time. What do u guys think? Hmmm.

So Mama will try the 'Bandung' ear drops for a while and like the lady says, it should clear off by the 3rd day and hopefully it does. I dont wanna lose my ear, just kidding. Its aint that bad...hehe.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Our 1st Christmas Card!

Boy n Baby:
WE GOT OUR 1ST CARD!!!! Its from our dearestest Boo.

Actually it was in our letterbox earlier but lazy Mama checked the letterbox only yesterday. Must remind her to check every day now.

Ok ok, if what u sent out was different from this, we got the answer. u see when we open the envelope, the heart was found seperately. We suspected tat it has fallen out. Stupid Mailman. So we stick it back ourselves but we didnt noe where was the heart initially placed so we placed it on the corner.

Hopefully, the mailman does not do this again..hmmph.


Boy n Baby

Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Things.

Mama came back home yesterday with these:-

It is a new book and i am excited to read it with her. We have read 'The five people you meet in heaven' and it was a great book. She was complaining that it was expensive thou. I cant believe her. She is complaining of spending $32 on this book when she is willing to spend that amt anytime on clothes n bags. Weirdo.

She was thinking of burning lavender oils in the room to make us sleep better (or is she talking abt herself). I just hope that she dont end up burning the whole house.

That is not for me she says. She found it a pet shop n thought that it was nice. And because i dont have long hair, she bought it for Chiyo. I am not the least bit jealous. I dont like to have long hair actually cos i hate to be groomed..hehe. I will remind her to post it together with Xmas Card.

Talking abt Xmas Card, we are really behind time. Thank God, i called Aunt Sab (Mama's good friend) to help us cos i feel 8 paws (boy n me) n 2 hand (Mama's) will never get it done. She will come by on Mon nite to help. Hope that she will get us some ice cream too.

Lotsa Love

Happy Birf & Bark Day to Miss Sunshade!

Happy Birfday to you!
Happy Birfday to you!
Happy Birfday to my Gorgeous Sunshade!
Happy Birfday to you!

Today, i dedicate my blog a very special someone... Miss Sunshade. She is 7 today (we are born in the same year!). Actually, i planned to fly there and give u myself, my heart n my everything but Mama said 'NO'. She was afraid that i will not come back once i found u. Evil Woman. She compromise w me that she will send u a gift on my behalf.. but i tried to explain that it is not the same. Worse is she will post it together with the Xmas u will get it real late hmmmph.

Whatever it is, I hope you will have a super duper great time on your birfday. And since i cant come down personally, i will post u a photo of myself. Tell your mum to leave it on your monitor screen. It was jus taken today. (you cant see my eyes cos i m smiling widely..hehe)



Thursday, November 23, 2006

Q & A Session.

Thanks to Boo, we re famous now. Err hmm not exactly, jus that we are making more friends. We got listed in DWB. So in order to make even more friends, we need to reveal more on ourselves. So here's a list Q&As that Mama has prepared for us.

If you thinks that some Qns are crappy, blame her. It's her 'smart' idea.

What's ur full name?
Baby: Baby Yeo
Boy: Boy Yeo

What other names do u have?
Baby: Abok
Boy: errr, is Ah Boy counted?

If you had a choice, would u change ur name & what would it be?
Baby: Nope, i want to be the 'baby' in the family n be treated like one too. Thou i may not mind Princess.
Boy: Of course, wat stupid name is 'Boy'. Obviously, i am a boy. Hmmm, maybe Momo. It sounds cool.

When is your barkday?
Baby: 15 May 2002.
Boy: 17 August 1999.

What is your favourite food?
Baby: Seafood esp. Salmon..yum yum.
Boy: Chicken.

What is your favourite drink?
Baby: Tea
Boy: Coke. I may prefer Beer if i tasted one before.

TV shows that will keep ur eyes glued on the screen?
Baby: Oh, i got 2 favourite shows. Documentary on Monkeys (dont ask me why) & Football (i m fascinated with the footballers).
Boy: Football (i love balls)

Since both of you like football, Which team do you support?
Baby: The Italians.. They are so yummy.
Boy: Liverpool cos tat is the team that my Papa likes.

What kind of stuff do u chew?
Baby: Shoes, Furniture in fact everything.
Boy: I dont like chewing anymore.

What is that 1 thing u did that made Mama & Papa fuming mad?
Baby: Chewing Mama's 'Mango' Bag.
Boy: When i was little, i once chewed the telephone wires n the next thing u know, they went to buy a new phone set thinking it was not working. When they tried n it didnt work, they followed the trail of wires and damn, i got caught for my mischief.

So lastly, now that both of u blog, any chance of finding the right pup?
Baby: I got 1 in mind but he is taken.... i will not say out his name but i will give u hints. His name is spelled B sumting sumting 0 sumting sumting 0.
Boy: Errr, Can i have 2? There is this super babe
Chiyo n this another cool gal Sunshade. But Mama says dream on.... hmmm, of course i dont mind should anyone else is interested. The more the merrier.

End of Q & A Session. You are welcome to find out more. Jus drop us a line.

Boy n Baby.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cocker Spaniel? Not sure yet.

Mama told us that her friend, Aunty Bel is thinking of getting a pup. Well, actually it is her son. They have set their eyes on a Cocker Spaniel but they are still thinking about it. She didnt want to rush into getting one because she wants her son to know and understand first, what it is like looking after us n the duty and responsibility that comes with it.

If only everyone thinks the same way like Aunty Bel. When i heard Mama telling me this, i went to erm... my book shelf (i do read, ok) n dig out a reference book that might help. I told Aunty Bel to pass it to her son. Hopefully the book will give him the information that he needs to know.

Today is a bad bad day. I found out abt
Daisie Duke. She will be deeply missed and i believe not only by me but by everyone. So Amy (Diasie's Mom), be strong.

Ah Boy

Me n Little Sis-cy.

Everytime Mama takes my photo, Nadya will sneak around me and 'Click'. Too late to get her to bug off. What a letdown! It was suppose to be MY personal photo.

See that, see that!!! So in return, i bite her bum bum :)



Administrator's Note: Tat is jus Baby's version... I m sure you can guess what's the actual story is like.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christmas Cards.

Boy n Baby:
Mama came back later than usual yesterday and she didnt mention tat she was going out in the first place. We were very upset with her until we found out tat she was late for a good cause. She went to get us some materials so tat we can start our card making right away. But how come Mama didnt bring us along? After all its "our" card, and we need to choose the colours the papers... looks like we are left with no choice this time. So guys, if the card sucks..dont blame us, blame her for trying to act smart.

Boy: So Baby, how sld we go abt it?
Baby: Hmmm... Let me sniff sniff the materials first.

Thanks to Miss Sunshade, we are in the 'optional' list of the 'Xmas Card Exchange' Programme. We thought about it and we have decided that we will try our very very best to send to all our friends. Which means that we need to work hard and fast. With no time to waste, we started our 'project' right away. The three of us (of course, Mama has to help) were so busy cutting, pasting, writing and choosing the photos that we intend to use. Finally we made it. At 11pm, we managed to complete 1 card, yes just ONE.. pathetic rite.

See, if Mama had sign us up earlier then we wouldnt have to rush. And rush work is normally half-past 6 work. There goes our reputation.. Thanks to Mama, people will think we are slackers. Hmmmmph....

Btw, we have make our fonts bigger. Is it better now, Chiyo?

Baby sleeping after a hard nite of card making.

Lotsa of Love

Super Boy & Baby-Licious.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Naughty Us.

Mama n Papa found this when they came back from the market on Sat morning.

This was found on our sofa. Thank goodness, our sofa is not those cloth kinda or would have gotten ourselves into a bigger mess. I used 'we' cos Ah Boy n me has made a pact tat we shall not rat on who did tat naughty act. If u are still figuring wat is that, that is a half eaten n chewed lollipop. Papa has left that on the TV Cabinet (and yes, within our reach). So when they went to the market 'someone' has sniffed tat out n carried it up the sofa n had a great time licking n chewing the lollipop.

And the best part, none of us got scolded for tat mischief because Mama n Papa were not able to guess who did it. Mama thinks tat i was the culprit. Her reason being, i go 'goo goo gaga' over sweets. But Papa thought otherwise. He feels tat it was Ah Boy because i normally have a hard time jumping up the sofa n wouldnt it be tougher for me to bring the 'lollipop' up. Yeah, tats true. Although i am a full grown shih tzu, i m shorter than Ah Boy by half a head. So instead of jumping, i hop.

Because Mama n Papa were not able to come to a conclusion, we got away with punishment...hehe. They did not want to accuse us wrongly. We should do this more often.


Me, Baby-Licious

Yummy Food.

Mama cooked us a meal on Sat. It was delicious. We finished every bite of it. She steamed Chicken, Chinese Cabbage n mixed it with Kway Teow (i bet these ingredients must b the left over of Nadya's). I wish she can cook for us more often. The rest of the days, we get dry food n occasionally some canned food. Mama said that she is too tired to cook after work. So unless, they 'packet food' home, then we get some snack. Btw, we eat human food too. I noe some ppl may diasagree saying that it is bad for us. But what the heck, Mama thinks that we dont live long so we should enjoy every moment of it. At least for once, Mama makes sense to me.

Dont envy me, u rest out there. I can be a food gourmet, u noe. I have eaten Durian, Ice cream, Chocolates, KFC n many other stuff. I even drank Coke before. I wanted to try wine, beer.. but Mama said 'NO'. Hmmph....

I am so good at tasting that i only eat delicious stuff. There was once Mama bought Durian Puff from some supermarket n she gave it to me. The moment i sniffed those puffs, i gave her a disgusted look. How dare she! She expects me to eat those when she, herself doesnt wan to eat it cos she thinks its horrible. I love those puffs from 727 ... yum yum.

Talking about Food, Baby is very weird n picky.. at some point i think she is crazy. She loves eating fish n seafood (Yucks) or maybe she is a cat under that Shih Tzu body. She goes crazy n will stalk Mama everytime Mama feeds Nadya Fish Porridge or Fish Soup. She loves seabass, salmon..u jus name it. There was once Papa's small fish jumped out from the tank but up till date, we didnt find its remains. I guess Baby must have eaten the fish... too bad i didnt see it, or i would tell on her.

Btw, we did something naughty on Sat hehe... As for now, I m going to the room to sniff out some food.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Looking Back at the Past.

Today, i have no idea what to blog about. Mama suggested tat i blog on how we found each other n i thought why not, tat is a good idea.

Tat's me when i was a little boy.

It all started when Papa decided to get a puppy n after months n months of pleading, Mama finally gave in. U see, our dear Mama used to be so scared of us. One fine day, they went to this particular Pet Shop to see a puppy (JRT). i saw them while my guardian then, the pet shop lady took tat little fellow out. While holding him, Papa eyes was looking at me n he asked the guardian "Is tat cute little boy available?" (ok ok, he didnt exactly said "cute little boy") n then i was taken out. They looked at me n asked my guardian "wat happen to his eye?". My guardian said tat she was not very sure..n hell, i cant remember also cos i was very young then. My eyes were not scary (stop imagining gross or weird stuff, ok) but one of my corneas seems to be translucent. Papa then looked at my cute face n held me so close that i can hear his heart beat. "How much is he going for?" asked Mama. She too had fallen for me.

So if u all think tat i am half blind due to old age, u are wrong.. . i was like this from young. Mama n Papa did bring me to the vet n after examining my eyes,the vet suspected tat i was injured by something n it is something tat i have to live with( well, mama says it cld be i was playing rough with my siblings n their nails may have poked me in the eye). But i am not complaining cos life has been fair to me. When i growl or snapped at Mama n Papa, they understand. Because of my blindness, i feel insecure so i have this tendency to snap but it wont happen if i am being approached slowly. So Papa n Mama have learnt not to touch or approach me so suddenly... wat they will do is they will call out my name first before they touch me or they will approach me slowly so tat i know that they dont mean any harm. I hate it when ppl jus jump out like tat. It scares the hell out of me.

To think of it, i m ok with my type n will not snap. i guess its jus tat i am a little wary of ppl standing taller than me...Talk about insecurities, ha.

Before i go, wanna thank my pal Boo. He will be sending us an Xmas card. Tat is so nice n sweet of him. Tat brat was so excited when she heard this...

My Basket...

Mama clean the house yesterday n she was complaining how dirty my basket was... She found:-

  • Grains of sand. Those must have been caught in between my hair.
  • Loose threads & Cotton Wools. Hmmm, i suspect those come from Bear Bear n frens.
  • Maps. Huh??? Oh now i noe. It is those spots found on the basket mattress cover. Those are not mine. It is Ah Boy's saliva. I dont drool when i sleep. Do i? No, i dont think so.

She say that she will tidy it up n will wash the cover next week. Next Week!!! i cant stand Ah Boy's saliva. Me not going near the basket. For now, Ah Boy can sleep in it if he wants to.

Yup, yup tat's my basket. My mama bought the basket from Arab Street for S$15 only. Then the rest was sewn. It actually belongs to my little sis, Nadya but she has outgrown it so Mama says i can have it. But it seems tat Ah Boy has been sleeping in it these few days. I believe tat is why it smells.

TGIF! Mama need not work on Sat n Sun. Hopefully, we will do something fun cos the last few weeks, we have been watching "Barney" w my little sis... it's her latest craze.

Lotsa Love
Me, Baby-Licious

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Girl Stuff

Guess who is tat?

Tat's Ah Boy when he was 2 yrs old.... Hahaha, he looks like a girl with his hair tied up like tat. He looks..err err err.. so silly. I could not recognise him at first until Mama told me tat its him. I think aft reading this, he will kill me but i noe Mama will not allow tat to happen, so dream on Ah Boy. Tis is pay back time. I saw him w a sneaky victorious smile when Papa scolded me yesterday. I dont wan to talk abt it. It makes me so mad....

Mama came across this picture n showed me. See the collar cum necklace... she promise tat she will make it for me. She mentioned tat the hearts can be made using Swarvoski Crystals n will 'bling bling' when i wear it. Ah Boy will not get one thou. She feels tat its girl stuff. But i dont think Ah Boy will be jealous, infact he will be glad not to wear such stuff.

I can't wait for it to be completed. I will upload the picture once it is done....

Love n Hug Hug

Me, Baby- Licious

The Spoilt Brat is at It Again!

Yest nite tat brat snapped at me. Papa was holding a lollipop for us to lick n tat brat started to shove me away with her face n finally, she snapped at me. Tat's the first time she snapped at me. Thou she is spoilt rotten, i mus say tat she has a very good temper. I never seen her so mad before. My guess: PMS...

She got a verbal scolding from Papa (whoo hoo, but i wish Papa had smacked her bum bum on top of tat). She sulked, refused to share the lollipop n jumped up the bed (u should have seen her "pathetic" face). Mama then came in the room, saw her, asked wat happened n went to take another lollipop for her (see, see tis is wat i mean when i say she is a spoilt brat).

Mama always does this. When she is real naughty n Papa cane her, Mama will say " dont cane her lah, so pitiful". But when i got caned, she jus kept quiet n let the suffering goes on. Her reason was, "I'm a guy". LAME.....

Administrator Note: For everyone's knowledge, Boy was only caned when he is naughty for the first two years. Since then till now (5 yrs already), no matter how he misbehaved, he never ever got caned again so pls stop complaining, Boy.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All About Us.

I wanted a blog badly after reading
Boo, Chiyo n Phoebe n Bobbe adventure. I wanted Ah Boy to share this blog n make it "Our Blog" (cool, huh) so i had to think of ways to 'saiko' him. After much persuasion n pleading, tat stubborn Ah Boy finally agreed on these 3 conditions, hmmmph:

- let him sleep in my favourite basket

- no more stealing of food from his bowl


So i guess this it is... i can't believe i am finally blogging. For a start, let me tell u more abt my family. We are a family of five. There is Papa, Mama, Ah Boy (my big brother), Nadya (my little sis) n me. Oh yea, n we keep fishes (2 Aros n many Parrots) as pets. I dont realli adore them's Papa's idea. I am four this year (Mama says tat i am older than her by a year in human age). I dont believe tat..i mean look at her n look at me man. I definitely look younger n prettier (dont tell her tat thou). For those who had not seen me before, here's me...

Dont i look pretty? Mama says that i am very beautiful but Papa disagree. Well, wat does Papa knows anyway....

Wa Lau, Stupid Ah Boy! He said tat he does not want to blog n told Mama tat i m the one who force him to but look at him now..he keeps on telling me to get off the PC n it is his turn now.

I will ask Papa tonite to lent me his laptop to blog so i dont need to share with Ah Boy.



Firstly, this is not my idea. Its Baby's idea but i m fine with it so long as she sticks to my rules. I m not very good with words n not realli expressive, but tat does not mean i dont care. I do give a damn abt things...
I am very sure that Blabber-mouth Baby have said many stuff but dont believe her. She may look innocent with that pretty face but she is a real brat. I once heard Papa telling Mama tat she looks like an angel with a devil heart. Way to go, Papa! U see, i am a more of 'Papa's boy' althou it is Mama tat feeds me most of the time. Not tat i dont love my Mama, i love her lots n lots but she can be a real pain in the neck sometimes with her constant nagging. I prefer man to man talk.

U know wats the problem with women, they talks a lot n i hate tat. I always ignore them n they think its because tat i m one-eye blind but hey i still can see with the other eye n i am aware wat is tat brat up to all the time. Althou i am seven this year, i am still going strong so dont think u can bully me, Baby. Anyway, i found out that little brat has posted a foto of herself so i will do the same. Chao Everyone!