Thursday, November 16, 2006

Girl Stuff

Guess who is tat?

Tat's Ah Boy when he was 2 yrs old.... Hahaha, he looks like a girl with his hair tied up like tat. He looks..err err err.. so silly. I could not recognise him at first until Mama told me tat its him. I think aft reading this, he will kill me but i noe Mama will not allow tat to happen, so dream on Ah Boy. Tis is pay back time. I saw him w a sneaky victorious smile when Papa scolded me yesterday. I dont wan to talk abt it. It makes me so mad....

Mama came across this picture n showed me. See the collar cum necklace... she promise tat she will make it for me. She mentioned tat the hearts can be made using Swarvoski Crystals n will 'bling bling' when i wear it. Ah Boy will not get one thou. She feels tat its girl stuff. But i dont think Ah Boy will be jealous, infact he will be glad not to wear such stuff.

I can't wait for it to be completed. I will upload the picture once it is done....

Love n Hug Hug

Me, Baby- Licious

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Boo said...

hey baby,

your ma know how to make those "bling bling" for you? so good.

wet wet licks