Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All About Us.

I wanted a blog badly after reading
Boo, Chiyo n Phoebe n Bobbe adventure. I wanted Ah Boy to share this blog n make it "Our Blog" (cool, huh) so i had to think of ways to 'saiko' him. After much persuasion n pleading, tat stubborn Ah Boy finally agreed on these 3 conditions, hmmmph:

- let him sleep in my favourite basket

- no more stealing of food from his bowl


So i guess this it is... i can't believe i am finally blogging. For a start, let me tell u more abt my family. We are a family of five. There is Papa, Mama, Ah Boy (my big brother), Nadya (my little sis) n me. Oh yea, n we keep fishes (2 Aros n many Parrots) as pets. I dont realli adore them's Papa's idea. I am four this year (Mama says tat i am older than her by a year in human age). I dont believe tat..i mean look at her n look at me man. I definitely look younger n prettier (dont tell her tat thou). For those who had not seen me before, here's me...

Dont i look pretty? Mama says that i am very beautiful but Papa disagree. Well, wat does Papa knows anyway....

Wa Lau, Stupid Ah Boy! He said tat he does not want to blog n told Mama tat i m the one who force him to but look at him now..he keeps on telling me to get off the PC n it is his turn now.

I will ask Papa tonite to lent me his laptop to blog so i dont need to share with Ah Boy.



Firstly, this is not my idea. Its Baby's idea but i m fine with it so long as she sticks to my rules. I m not very good with words n not realli expressive, but tat does not mean i dont care. I do give a damn abt things...
I am very sure that Blabber-mouth Baby have said many stuff but dont believe her. She may look innocent with that pretty face but she is a real brat. I once heard Papa telling Mama tat she looks like an angel with a devil heart. Way to go, Papa! U see, i am a more of 'Papa's boy' althou it is Mama tat feeds me most of the time. Not tat i dont love my Mama, i love her lots n lots but she can be a real pain in the neck sometimes with her constant nagging. I prefer man to man talk.

U know wats the problem with women, they talks a lot n i hate tat. I always ignore them n they think its because tat i m one-eye blind but hey i still can see with the other eye n i am aware wat is tat brat up to all the time. Althou i am seven this year, i am still going strong so dont think u can bully me, Baby. Anyway, i found out that little brat has posted a foto of herself so i will do the same. Chao Everyone!


Boo said...

hey boy... (boy) and baby,

okay, like to call boyboy coz sounds nice and kinda sweet. :-)

i'll be linking your page too.

to get more doggie pals, you may want to register with dogs with blogs: there are many many more doggie pals there too.

btw, are you the one commented on chiyo's page with the name yukiko?

wet wet licks


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Thank You Boo..will ask mama to check tat website out.

n no we are not yukiko.