Thursday, November 30, 2006

More Christmas Cards.

Boy & Baby
We received 3 more cards yesterday which makes a total of 4.

This is from Liza & Dory. The Christmas Tree picture is so beautiful And look at the green paw print. Psst psst, is that really yours Dory? How did you do that?

The 2nd card is from Butchy & Snickers.

They have included a photo of themselves. See see…. They look so good.

Is that the bandanna that your mom made for you? I think Sunshade got one too, right. Mama handmade us a bandanna but it sux, BIG TIME! . One of these days we will post the photo then you will know what we mean.

And this one is from Handsome Herbie. Hehe, we added the 'handsome' word ourselves cos we think he looks so cool with that Santa Hat. Thank you guys for the cards.

By the way, our cards are all done and we will be posting it our real soon. Thanks to Fufu, we found out that there is a "Postage Promotion" going on right now in Singapore. For greeting cards below 40g, overseas postage rate is S$0.50 irregardless of the destination. You know what it means fellow Singaporean Pups... we can demand for more presents for Christmas. YEah!

We also want to say 'Thank You' to our dearest
Chiyo & HM for the voucher. We love you, Chiyo. Muah Muah. Now it is even easier to convince Mama to buy the Dogs with Blogs Calendar.

Boy n Baby


Boo said...

ah boy n baby,

so fast received 4 cards all together? i waited my butt to get 4 cards! FOUR CARDS!

i read from fufu's blog about the postage promotion. can't believe the rate for m'sia and US are the same!!!

wet wet licks


Sunshade said...

WOW!! You are all done?? OMG....what am I doing...... I need opposite thumbs, REALLY, or I'll never get my cards done...

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Oscar Airedale said...

Hey you guys,

Came by to check out your blog after you left a comment on mine. Nice to meet you both. You sure are cute! Look forward to hearing about your doggy adventures.

Oscar x

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

My cards go in the mail today!

Bussie Kissies