Monday, November 20, 2006

Yummy Food.

Mama cooked us a meal on Sat. It was delicious. We finished every bite of it. She steamed Chicken, Chinese Cabbage n mixed it with Kway Teow (i bet these ingredients must b the left over of Nadya's). I wish she can cook for us more often. The rest of the days, we get dry food n occasionally some canned food. Mama said that she is too tired to cook after work. So unless, they 'packet food' home, then we get some snack. Btw, we eat human food too. I noe some ppl may diasagree saying that it is bad for us. But what the heck, Mama thinks that we dont live long so we should enjoy every moment of it. At least for once, Mama makes sense to me.

Dont envy me, u rest out there. I can be a food gourmet, u noe. I have eaten Durian, Ice cream, Chocolates, KFC n many other stuff. I even drank Coke before. I wanted to try wine, beer.. but Mama said 'NO'. Hmmph....

I am so good at tasting that i only eat delicious stuff. There was once Mama bought Durian Puff from some supermarket n she gave it to me. The moment i sniffed those puffs, i gave her a disgusted look. How dare she! She expects me to eat those when she, herself doesnt wan to eat it cos she thinks its horrible. I love those puffs from 727 ... yum yum.

Talking about Food, Baby is very weird n picky.. at some point i think she is crazy. She loves eating fish n seafood (Yucks) or maybe she is a cat under that Shih Tzu body. She goes crazy n will stalk Mama everytime Mama feeds Nadya Fish Porridge or Fish Soup. She loves seabass, salmon..u jus name it. There was once Papa's small fish jumped out from the tank but up till date, we didnt find its remains. I guess Baby must have eaten the fish... too bad i didnt see it, or i would tell on her.

Btw, we did something naughty on Sat hehe... As for now, I m going to the room to sniff out some food.


Chiyo said...

hihi boy n baby, your font is getting smaller and smaller towards the end of the post!! :p is it intended that way? ahahaha cos i wanted to read somemore but i started getting cross-eyed :p

but it sounds like you get really yummy human food!


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

oops.. sorry Chiyo. Will change to a bigger font the next time.