Monday, November 20, 2006

Naughty Us.

Mama n Papa found this when they came back from the market on Sat morning.

This was found on our sofa. Thank goodness, our sofa is not those cloth kinda or would have gotten ourselves into a bigger mess. I used 'we' cos Ah Boy n me has made a pact tat we shall not rat on who did tat naughty act. If u are still figuring wat is that, that is a half eaten n chewed lollipop. Papa has left that on the TV Cabinet (and yes, within our reach). So when they went to the market 'someone' has sniffed tat out n carried it up the sofa n had a great time licking n chewing the lollipop.

And the best part, none of us got scolded for tat mischief because Mama n Papa were not able to guess who did it. Mama thinks tat i was the culprit. Her reason being, i go 'goo goo gaga' over sweets. But Papa thought otherwise. He feels tat it was Ah Boy because i normally have a hard time jumping up the sofa n wouldnt it be tougher for me to bring the 'lollipop' up. Yeah, tats true. Although i am a full grown shih tzu, i m shorter than Ah Boy by half a head. So instead of jumping, i hop.

Because Mama n Papa were not able to come to a conclusion, we got away with punishment...hehe. They did not want to accuse us wrongly. We should do this more often.


Me, Baby-Licious


Sunshade said...

YOu got sweet teeth too??? I like sweet stuff as long as ti's not chocolate. I know I know, I'm weird... I actually can't stand the smell of chocolate for some reason. Mum says it's a good thing tho...

Hey, if you like my picture, come vote for me here ok??

ps. you guys are linked up on my blog too!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We were faster than u think..hehe. We have registered ourselves n voted u for the beautiful picture.

Now we are going to link Daisie Duke... Ever since we blog, we have been making many more friends. Yay!!

Boy n Baby

Sunshade said...

Hey, check your chat box msg and let me know ok??

I'm gonna e-mail you so you have my e-mail!!

ps. THANKS SO MUCH for voting for me..hehe!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Boo said...

hey baby & boy,

thanks for voting me! now my no. of vote won't make me *blush*! :-)

yes, don't eat CHOCOLATE! and recently i learnt that grapes and raisin are bad for us too! make sure you don't "accidentally" eat those!

wet wet licks