Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Things.

Mama came back home yesterday with these:-

It is a new book and i am excited to read it with her. We have read 'The five people you meet in heaven' and it was a great book. She was complaining that it was expensive thou. I cant believe her. She is complaining of spending $32 on this book when she is willing to spend that amt anytime on clothes n bags. Weirdo.

She was thinking of burning lavender oils in the room to make us sleep better (or is she talking abt herself). I just hope that she dont end up burning the whole house.

That is not for me she says. She found it a pet shop n thought that it was nice. And because i dont have long hair, she bought it for Chiyo. I am not the least bit jealous. I dont like to have long hair actually cos i hate to be groomed..hehe. I will remind her to post it together with Xmas Card.

Talking abt Xmas Card, we are really behind time. Thank God, i called Aunt Sab (Mama's good friend) to help us cos i feel 8 paws (boy n me) n 2 hand (Mama's) will never get it done. She will come by on Mon nite to help. Hope that she will get us some ice cream too.

Lotsa Love


Boo said...

hey baby,

mom said she has read "the five people you meet in heaven" too and she is loving it. she also watched the movie on hallmarks channel. :-)

oh, so sweet of you to get that ribbon for chiyo. have to get chiyo to show us the photo when she put it on.

wet wet licks


Chiyo said...

oh is that really for me??? thank you thank you in advance!! :) oh you guys are so sweet! :) that will be the first bow i have that's not plain! stupid HM always buys me solid-colored bows. how boring


Jay said...

Hi... my cards are not done too!!! My playmates are no help at all! Can you Aunty Sab help me too?


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Ur mum has good taste. Dont think we able to catch the movie cos we have cable but we didnt sign up to Hallmark Channel.

i jus hope that you like it.

Aunty Sab will agree on one condition. U have to give her many wet wet licks..hehe.


Fu Fu said...

Hello. Glad you guys found help for the xmas card making. Hee.. I'm also still in process. Hope I can mail them out this week

~ fufu

Cubby said...

Enjoy your book! I can't wait to see your cards (I am half finished).

Sunshade said...

OK, I must get mum to buy that book. Boo told me about it when I posted about Daisie Duke. I think I can get it from Amazon right?

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Eil will sure help u and if she doesnt, give her 'that' look.

Struggling to finish our cards here but we sld be able to mail them out soon.

Yes Sunshade, it is a very nice book that teaches u things abt life n at the same time, its easy to read..hehe.