Friday, November 17, 2006

My Basket...

Mama clean the house yesterday n she was complaining how dirty my basket was... She found:-

  • Grains of sand. Those must have been caught in between my hair.
  • Loose threads & Cotton Wools. Hmmm, i suspect those come from Bear Bear n frens.
  • Maps. Huh??? Oh now i noe. It is those spots found on the basket mattress cover. Those are not mine. It is Ah Boy's saliva. I dont drool when i sleep. Do i? No, i dont think so.

She say that she will tidy it up n will wash the cover next week. Next Week!!! i cant stand Ah Boy's saliva. Me not going near the basket. For now, Ah Boy can sleep in it if he wants to.

Yup, yup tat's my basket. My mama bought the basket from Arab Street for S$15 only. Then the rest was sewn. It actually belongs to my little sis, Nadya but she has outgrown it so Mama says i can have it. But it seems tat Ah Boy has been sleeping in it these few days. I believe tat is why it smells.

TGIF! Mama need not work on Sat n Sun. Hopefully, we will do something fun cos the last few weeks, we have been watching "Barney" w my little sis... it's her latest craze.

Lotsa Love
Me, Baby-Licious


Chiyo said...

hello boy and baby!! :)

thanks for visiting my blog! hehehe actually i came to see your blog a few days ago when you PM me, but my home computer couldn't see your page properly cos the font was a little small for boy's parts and HM is very very myopic hahahah :p but now at work she can see it better. anyway, hope to see your bling bling collar soon! :) and i love your bed! your mama is very talented, can sew so well. look at what HM made for me. i want a bed like yours!!!


Boo said...

hello boy & baby,

wow, you actually have your own basket. mama tried putting up a bed for me but i don't sleep there. i like sleep everywhere i like but not the bed!

wet wet licks


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Chiyo - if u really keen my mama can email u the template on how to measure the basket n sew the cover n frills ard but u need a sewing machine thou. n ur bed looks good too. i believe it,s made with lotsa love from HM.

Boo - Me too actually, i only play in the bed. i end up sleeping w mama on the bed at nite.

me, baby-Licious

Chiyo said...

wow your mama is PRO! she even has a template?? hee hee.. yes we have a sewing machine at home. but HM says she doesn't want to spend hours making me another bed that i don't use :p see, i'm like boo, i sleep on the floor too, squashed up behind me bed :)