Friday, November 17, 2006

Looking Back at the Past.

Today, i have no idea what to blog about. Mama suggested tat i blog on how we found each other n i thought why not, tat is a good idea.

Tat's me when i was a little boy.

It all started when Papa decided to get a puppy n after months n months of pleading, Mama finally gave in. U see, our dear Mama used to be so scared of us. One fine day, they went to this particular Pet Shop to see a puppy (JRT). i saw them while my guardian then, the pet shop lady took tat little fellow out. While holding him, Papa eyes was looking at me n he asked the guardian "Is tat cute little boy available?" (ok ok, he didnt exactly said "cute little boy") n then i was taken out. They looked at me n asked my guardian "wat happen to his eye?". My guardian said tat she was not very sure..n hell, i cant remember also cos i was very young then. My eyes were not scary (stop imagining gross or weird stuff, ok) but one of my corneas seems to be translucent. Papa then looked at my cute face n held me so close that i can hear his heart beat. "How much is he going for?" asked Mama. She too had fallen for me.

So if u all think tat i am half blind due to old age, u are wrong.. . i was like this from young. Mama n Papa did bring me to the vet n after examining my eyes,the vet suspected tat i was injured by something n it is something tat i have to live with( well, mama says it cld be i was playing rough with my siblings n their nails may have poked me in the eye). But i am not complaining cos life has been fair to me. When i growl or snapped at Mama n Papa, they understand. Because of my blindness, i feel insecure so i have this tendency to snap but it wont happen if i am being approached slowly. So Papa n Mama have learnt not to touch or approach me so suddenly... wat they will do is they will call out my name first before they touch me or they will approach me slowly so tat i know that they dont mean any harm. I hate it when ppl jus jump out like tat. It scares the hell out of me.

To think of it, i m ok with my type n will not snap. i guess its jus tat i am a little wary of ppl standing taller than me...Talk about insecurities, ha.

Before i go, wanna thank my pal Boo. He will be sending us an Xmas card. Tat is so nice n sweet of him. Tat brat was so excited when she heard this...


Sunshade said...

Hey Baby and Boy,

I am a good friend of Boo and Chiyo's! Welcome to bloggerland!! I'll send you a card too if you can get your information to me!!! We are running behind at card making, but hopefully, our cards will eventually be ready...hehe.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Sunshade, you wan to send us a card too. Tat will be great. Could u drop us an email at so tat we can get our info to you. We tried to sniff out ur email at your blog but didn't manage to sniff it out...hmmm. Pls include ur mailing address too.

Boy n Baby