Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Spoilt Brat is at It Again!

Yest nite tat brat snapped at me. Papa was holding a lollipop for us to lick n tat brat started to shove me away with her face n finally, she snapped at me. Tat's the first time she snapped at me. Thou she is spoilt rotten, i mus say tat she has a very good temper. I never seen her so mad before. My guess: PMS...

She got a verbal scolding from Papa (whoo hoo, but i wish Papa had smacked her bum bum on top of tat). She sulked, refused to share the lollipop n jumped up the bed (u should have seen her "pathetic" face). Mama then came in the room, saw her, asked wat happened n went to take another lollipop for her (see, see tis is wat i mean when i say she is a spoilt brat).

Mama always does this. When she is real naughty n Papa cane her, Mama will say " dont cane her lah, so pitiful". But when i got caned, she jus kept quiet n let the suffering goes on. Her reason was, "I'm a guy". LAME.....

Administrator Note: For everyone's knowledge, Boy was only caned when he is naughty for the first two years. Since then till now (5 yrs already), no matter how he misbehaved, he never ever got caned again so pls stop complaining, Boy.

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