Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christmas Cards.

Boy n Baby:
Mama came back later than usual yesterday and she didnt mention tat she was going out in the first place. We were very upset with her until we found out tat she was late for a good cause. She went to get us some materials so tat we can start our card making right away. But how come Mama didnt bring us along? After all its "our" card, and we need to choose the colours the papers... looks like we are left with no choice this time. So guys, if the card sucks..dont blame us, blame her for trying to act smart.

Boy: So Baby, how sld we go abt it?
Baby: Hmmm... Let me sniff sniff the materials first.

Thanks to Miss Sunshade, we are in the 'optional' list of the 'Xmas Card Exchange' Programme. We thought about it and we have decided that we will try our very very best to send to all our friends. Which means that we need to work hard and fast. With no time to waste, we started our 'project' right away. The three of us (of course, Mama has to help) were so busy cutting, pasting, writing and choosing the photos that we intend to use. Finally we made it. At 11pm, we managed to complete 1 card, yes just ONE.. pathetic rite.

See, if Mama had sign us up earlier then we wouldnt have to rush. And rush work is normally half-past 6 work. There goes our reputation.. Thanks to Mama, people will think we are slackers. Hmmmmph....

Btw, we have make our fonts bigger. Is it better now, Chiyo?

Baby sleeping after a hard nite of card making.

Lotsa of Love

Super Boy & Baby-Licious.


Chiyo said...

oh don't be upset with your mama for signing up late for the christmas card exchange! :) i signed up early but i haven't even started making the cards yet :p oops...

yes the font is much better!! thank you!! :) boy lookss really tired. hope he's having a sweet dream :)

Sunshade said...

Don't worry guys, you are amongst some very forgiving pups!!! And if it makes you better, we have ...um.. "5" cards done... and my mum has had the list before ANYBODY!!!


OH, your font size looks way better, way eaiser on our eyes!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Chiyo, tats me Baby sleeping. U mite have mistook cos Evil Mama sent me to cut my hair real short. Lucki thing my tail n ears are still long...hmmmph

Sundshade, we feel better ald. N we will keep up with this font then. Dont want our frens to end up cross-eyed at the end of the day.

Boy n Baby

Fu Fu said...

Hey guys, me also not much better in the card making. We've done 25 covers till now. Covers only and not a single card COMPLETED.
I'll make my human work harder and add in a card for you guys too. :)

~ fufu

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hey Fufu, Thanks for visiting us. And u are one handsome hamster.

Boo said...

ahem boy & baby,

MUST SCOLD YOUR MOM! how come only 1, i mean ONE card so far? LOL

hey, have you got a photo already?

wet wet licks


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Boo, Wat photo u talking abt?

Boo said...

err... u are including you 2 photos in the card too rite?

wet wet licks


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Oh tat. Of course Boo, we are soooo excited.

Boy n Baby

p/s: Boy wanted to use his younger days photo but mama say no, cant cheat those ladies out there..hehe