Sunday, February 17, 2008


After we (Eil - GG, Snowball's Jie, GalGal - BooBoo, J- Jay and Huskee's mom) send out flyers on Baby, we received a call from a boy at around 1pm.

1pm (16 Feb):He told us that he brought Baby home on the Sunday that she went missing and she is now with an auntie. When we requested for further details, he told us that he will contact his aunties and get back to us.

5pm (16 Feb): we called back ad this time it was his mom who anwered the phone. She denied at first and even accuse her son of sprouting nonsense but when we told her that someone has called us and saw Baby at her block, she admitted that her son did bring Baby home and her friend brought Baby back. We again asked for more details and all she say that she will call her friend.

9pm (16 Feb): we called her again and she said that she cant contact her friend. Told us to wait until tomorrow.

1Oam (17 Feb): No one answered the call

4pm (17 Feb): Finally got hold of her. Claimed that she still cant get her friend. Told her that we will make a police report. She said, go ahead.

7pm (17 Feb): went to police post, police told us to settle it ourselves. We can file a report but no action can be take by them because

1. No witness that actually saw Baby with them

2. Everyting is just verbal.

3. It has only been a day that the woman spoke to us.

They even told us, unless we have evidence that Baby is with them then they can follow up. I then questioned him " so in your EXPERT opinion, how do we go about getting the evidence since YOU need one". He went silence and claimed that this is the first such case that they got and started asking me about Baby's value. That got me really mad. I told him off that its not how much we got Baby for, its the bond that i have with her. He told us to go and knock their door and talk to them. We then told him, that is what we will be doing and we just want to file a report incase anyone complain that we are knocking 'their' door.

8pm: knocked their door, no one at home. Knocked their neighbours door, no one at home too.

After updating this, i will be going over again. I will continue to call her and knock her door everyday untill Baby returns. Hopefully, by pressuring her, she will eventually return Baby to us.


Comet and BLU said...

This is such bittersweet news. If they do have Baby, it means she is probably safe and being taken care of. On the other hand, it is so frustrating that they know you love her and want her back, and they are being selfish and making it difficult for you to get her back.

Hopefully they will do what is right and give her back to you.
You and Baby are in our thoughts.
Comet and BLU


The good news is she is safe. We can't imagine someone keeping baby. Did you tell them about the reward.

We are keeping our paws crossed.

Essex & Deacon

Alasandra said...

We hope Baby comes home soon. We will be purring for all of you.

Scylla, Charybdis & Socks

Willie & Waylon said...

We are happy to hear that you know where she is, but we cannot believe this person has not returned her.

All of our thoughts and prayers are with you and for Baby's homecoming!

Many Sniffs,

Waylon & Willie

Asta said...

I'm glad Baby is OL at least..I would just sit in fwont of theiw house and not let up till they give up those disgusting mean people..police nevew do anything, cause to them dogs awe pwopewty..they don't undewstand what we mean to ouw families..I would go hawwass those people..ow steal theiw kid fow a twade
smoochie kisses

Butchy & Snickers said...

Oh our dawgness,
We're glad to hear that Baby is at least being cared for & indoors. We agree, keep knocking on their door until you get Baby. The criminal systems are a joke anymore. You practically have to be dead before they will do anything. Sorry, but Mama would BREAK their door down & invade their apartment. If you do get them to answer, make them feel guilty as &#LL so they will cave in & give you Baby. We hope they haven't moved Baby to the friends home. Please let us know anything that happens, we're anxiously waiting for Baby to return home to you.
Luv & Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Snickers & Mama

Pacco de Mongrel said...

that's some news u got there...finally there's proof that baby was actually taken by someone..

keep the pressue on these people... knock on the doors till they open up n bring up a gang of friends together...

Maggie & Mitch said...

At least you know where she is! This is good but we can't understand why they don't just hand Baby back over to you! She's not their dog - she's yours! How mean!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

We are glad to hear this news, we are sending so many good thoughts. If I were there I'd be camped outside their door everyday with you!


I can't image how upsetting this must be for you! I don't understand why someone would steal a member of your family!

Keep phoning her and going to her door. Also see if your friends and family will phone her and go to her door too. Tell her you will NEVER STOP until you get Baby back!

If you keep pressuring her maybe she will decide to give Baby back. I hope you filled in a police report, just in case she tries to say you are harrassing her for no reason. It is also good just to have a record of it in case they say Baby is their dog.

Some of us are very far away from you and wish we could help you more. If we lived near you we would definately go to her home and demand Baby back. If she doesn't give Baby back soon, perhaps a whole bunch of DWB-ers should send her letters demanding she give Baby back to you!

Scruffy & Lacie said...

We agree...the more you pressure..the more likely they will return her...what a mess and how sad...

We're praying for her return!!!

Scruffy, Lacie and Babystan

Jan said...

Do you have any Animal Control or shelters where you are? Perhaps they could help, at least with advice. Can you file a lawsuit against them if they don't return the dog right away?

We feel so sad. We're glad Baby is okay but this is a terrible, stressful situation for you.

We have our paws crossed and Jan is praying for an immediate resolution to this dog stealing case. You should have had Baby back as soon as they knew how to contact you.

jans funny farm

Stanley said...

What a relief that Baby is OK! It is ridiculous that these people think that you will just wait for them to call. Your determination will go a long way in getting Baby back. If you want, all of us from outside S'pore can write to this family and keep sending them cards & letters telling them to give Baby back. That way, even if she thinks it's harrassment, there is really nothing the police can do to us (as long as we don't threaten to hurt her but just keep up the pressure to give back BABY). If you think that will help, please let me know & we'll get their address out to others who will write.

Hopefully, by always having someone who loves Baby camped out at her door, she'll be shamed into giving Baby back! And hopefully, that will be VERY soon!

Goober love & comfort to all of you,

Daisy said...

I am very, very angry that those people will not give Baby back. And that the police will not get involved. Good luck, I sure hope you can get her back home where she belongs.

Harry said...

As others have said, it is some relfief to know she is OK, bit I can't imagine your frustration with these terrible people. We really hope pester popwer and making them feel as guilty as hell will do the trick FAST.

Toodle pip
Harry x

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Will it help if we all write or email your local police station?

Incidentally is Baby chipped for ID - because that would surely sort it. Where we are it is a legal requirement.


Lacy said...

woofies Boy and Mama...1st thank dogness she is still alive...had me really scared her being gone so likes asta's advice, steal the boy and trade him for baby..i really dont understand how the police CANT help...u have photos, and vet records proving she is urs...if u want get the address for the police department and the head officals there, i will write whoever i need to, and i am sure most here will do that...we need to c if we can get this on thepetition site...who knows that mite help..and present names to the police officals...get media coverage...that u found ur dog, have proof she is urs but the people that found her will not give her back..keep calling and visiting that person that has her..i wonder if posting on dogster will help..thats all i can think of rite now...let us know what we can do to help..

;)lacylulu and mama...

PP's when u go to visit them take pictures of boy and baby with u, mayb if she has any compassion she will give her back...

Anonymous said...

At least Baby isn't lost in the streets on her own but I sure hope those people return her to you soon - they sound a little strange to say the least.

Fingers are crossed for you that Baby is back home again today.


Lorenza said...

It is a relief to know that Baby is at someone's (mean) house!
Do they know about the reward?? Maybe that would help to get her back at home! My mom says that if she'd be there she'd be camping in front of that house until they come out and confront them!
Paws crossed for good news soon!
Kisses and hugs

Mack said...

I'm with Joe,
I'd be at their doorstep and then sneak in when they opened the door! That might be a bit extreme, but I know how "helpless" you must feel!

Your police sounds very much like our police here!

The good news is she is OK!
I pray that she is back with you very soon!
Mack & Momma Amy

T-man said...

Wow, that must be SO frustrating!!
But at least you have an idea of where she might be and you can pressure the heck out of them till they break down and give you Baby. Can you hire a private investigator who can get proof they have Baby? Then the proof can be taken to the police, or to a lawyer. Do you have a humane society that could help too? Maybe they know how to work the system in cases like this.

I wish you the best, and hope that your persistence pays off. Maybe those people will feel shame and let her go.

T-man, CC-man and their mom

T-man said...

Reading the other posts, I agree that media attention might work wonders. If you get a mob of people demonstrating outside their door, that might shame them to "cut a deal" with you.

Hammer said...

Hi Baby's mum
This makes my mum's blood boil. On Saturday she ended up in a huge fight with a bunch of idiots on Dogzonline about this and she's never visiting this forum again.
You are all doing a great job and if you don't want to take mum's advice, this is okay. What she recommends is that you go back to the Police station and report your dog stolen and demand they write out a report and give you a Police crime report number.
You legally own Baby. Just because someone has taken Baby, doesn't mean that you don't legally own her anymore. Mum was told when Beau was stolen that she didn't legally own him anymore. This is total nonsense. She sought expert legal advice which confirmed that she will always legally owned Beau and when she went back to the Police station, they agreed. Unless you get a Policeman who loves animals, they'll fob you off, and this Policeman you spoke to admitted that he doesn't know what to do. Also, place the value of Baby at say, $50,000. Mum will email you about this. What she recommends, and she'd do this for Beau, is that if you see any of these scumbags with Baby, grab Baby away from them and run. They are not going to go to the Police because then they are admitting that they stole Baby. Mum would take to whoever she had to with a baseball bat if they had Beau.
You'll need to be careful coz otherwise they are going to keep Baby away and hide her.
Mum feels you need to put the focus on the scumbags who have Baby because they are guilty of STEALING !!! This is the truth. If you print any more flyers, you should change the wording to this because this will worry the people who have Baby. Once you get the Police to write out a crime report to say that Baby has been stolen, Baby is legally stolen. This is very important. Mum had to go to the Police Station twice to get them to do this and they treated her like the criminal, but she's so glad she did this now.
You will get Baby back.
Love from Hammer and his mum.

T-man said...

Sorry about all the posts, but what do you think about posting the bad person's address on your blog? Maybe Baby's friends can write them nasty letters so those of us far away can help too.

Orable & Charlie said...

Hi - I heard about Baby and am sending my puppy prayers from Sydney - my human says to go and sit at their door until they come home - don't give up - we are all behind you!!!


PKPWV said...

I find it absolutely reprehensible that these people have stolen Baby! It's disgusting that they are being allowed to get away with this! You must pursue this with vigilance!!! Go to the police Station and be persistent that they file a police report!!! She is your dog and will always be your dog!!! Do not give up!!! And I agree with hammers mom-if you see Baby-take your dog back!!! They have no legal grounds to come after you since you leaglly own Baby!!!

It really pains me that some humans can be so hurtful, dishonest and selfish! I hope they rot in hell!!

Keep at it! Don't give up!!!

Dolly & Zoopy said...

You should seriously consider going to a lawyer to issue a letter of demand for Baby's return.

Next, complain to the Quality Service Manager of the police force for their bad attitude in not wanting to followup with this case. A pet is priceless and if they want a value to put, it will be a billion dollars!

Also, update STOMP about what happened, post their address and details on your ad.

Sophie Brador said...

This is just so maddening. I wonder if they are waiting for you to offer a reward. Are you able to provide one? I wonder if we can help you raise money for one on DWB. It shouldn't have to happen, but perhaps that would get Baby back.

The Brat Pack said...

This news just makes me sick. If there is ANYTHING we can do - letters, calls, reward money just let us know.

Sending love,
Maryann & The Brats

Koobuss said...

WOW!! What a story!!

It's a shame that you have to gather evidence. That's not your job.

Good Luck!!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,