Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pressie, Award & Love

Boy n Baby:
We cant believe it but we still got another Xmas pressie. Its from Ume.

Ume sent us a toy (Baby is going to have that) and a treat (Boy is going to get the treat).

Thank you so much, Ume!

Next, we got an award from Snowball.

Snowball is thanking us for being her friends. We would like to thank her too for being our friend and also for remembering us for this award.

We cant decide who we want to pass this award to cos we got too many friends and we love all of them. So guys, this award is for ALL of you.

And talking about our love for our friends, Boy wants to say that he loves Nadya alot

and even pawtects her when she is taking a nap.

Boy n Baby

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gifts from Scrappy & Pebbles!

Boy n Baby:
On the eve of Christmas, we receive another parcel.

It comes all the way from Australia and it is from our dear friends, Scrappy & Pebbles.

Well, actually Scrappy & Pebbles have been sharing with us what their mom has been up to recently...hehe. Their mom has set up an online store,

Their mom tailor made the clothes and accessories and it caters specially for small pups like us. You can even choose your own trimmings etc to make the designs even more unique. We were going oohs and aahs and before we knew it, Scrappy & Pebbles sent us some nice harness.

Baby's harness,

Boy's harness,

We love our harness, they are so cool and very well-fitting too.

Thank you, Scrappy & Pebbles!

Boy n Baby

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas Pressies from Dolly n Zoopy & Snowball

Boy n Baby:
Last week, we received two more Christmas pressies. Yoo hoo!

The first pressie was from Dolly & Zoopy.

For Boy,

Squeaky Ring & Treats

For Baby,

Treats & toy ( honestly, mama has no idea what the toy is suppose to be. She says it looks like a pea and ice-cream to her) . And did i mention that my Huskee Munchkins has the same exact toy. This is really thoughtful of Dolly & Zoopy.

And they even got mama a pressie. How nice and sweet!

Mama really loves this. She says that this is just perfect for her ribbons and sewing materials.

And on top of this, they even sent a SPCA diary.


Next is a pressie from Snowball.

Treats. YUMMY!

For Baby,

Snowball sent me some pretty clips and this is a picture of me wearing one of the clips.

For Boy,

A hooded towel. Well, i am just trying it..err hmm

Boy n Baby

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And my reply is...

Well, this is not a secret anymore. Huskee has officially proposed to me with flowers, balloons and all, and did i mention a HUGE TiPawny diamond ring. I am deeply touched by his sincerity.

But i cannot give my answer right away (whisper: we girls must play hard to get). So i told him that i will give it some serious thought...


Should I..... or

Should I not...

What should my answer be? Okay, i better not stall for more time. Huskee might faint..he he. And my reply is....



Monday, December 17, 2007

Ice Skating Pawty.

Boy n Baby:
We went to a Ice Skating Pawty specially hosted by Butchy and Snickers over the weekend.

And their mom caught a deer that morning so we had yummilicious deerburgers with hot chocolate while roasting marshmallows and lots of other goodies.

We really had alot of FUN. Thank you Butchy & Snickers for inviting us over!

In case you wonder how we dress for the pawty...

Dont we look great?

GG was our fashion consultant cos we had no clue what to wear for the pawty. Thank you, GG!

In another note:

Baby will give her reply to Huskee's proposal in the next post. Be patience, guys!

Boy n Baby

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Xmas Pressies

Boy n Baby:
Presenting the wonderful gifts that we got that night.

From GG to Boy: Yummy licious beef jerky & a cool bue tee

From Jay to Baby: A dress specially for a Diva & a pretty collar with furballs

From Jay to Boy: This coat is the perfect attire when i date girls to fancy restaurants

From BenBen: A pretty snow globe that mama confiscated..sigh

From Huskee to Baby: A pink santa doggie & a Diamond Ring (is he hinting something?)

From Huskee to Boy: A purple santa doggie & a handphone for me to call girls..hehe

From BooBoo: We have pass this to mama so that she can put HER money for US to spend.

From Eil to Baby: Isnt this a love dress? There is even a matching purse to match the dress

Thank you guys for all the wonderful gifts!

Boy n Baby

Monday, December 10, 2007

Dinner at our Place.

Boy n Baby:
Last Friday, Boo & Dopey's pawrents came to Singapore and they were staying over at our home so we hosted a dinner to welcome them and the same time an early Xmas pawty with Eil (GG's hooman), S (Huskee's mom), B (Huskee's maid), J (Jay's hooman) and Gal Gal (BooBoo's hooman). HM could not come because Chiyo was not feeling well that day.

I was very shy and hid under the dining table

Boy was busy supervising and guarding the food

After a while, i decide to come out and B and Eil gave me a 'new' look with my favourite donut toy.

Pretty me with Donut

GG send Sunny to represent her. I had a great time playing bitey face with Sunny while Boy played bitey face with Pink Doggy (another favourite toy of ours.

Me playing bitey face with Sunny

Boy playing bitey face with Pink Doggy

Then i piggy back Sunny and Pink Doggy.

Here we go!

While the hoomans were chit chatting, i practice making doofus face.

After a while, both of us got tired and we went to Zzz land.

We received so many pressies from them and we will show you guys in our next post. We had alot of fun and thank you, guys for coming to our place.

In another note:
Simba has tagged us for a game and we will try to do it soon.

Boy n Baby

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Preparing for Christmas.

Mama has been busy shopping for Christmas pressie and i was busy supervising the whole wrapping process. Here are some pictures of me at 'work'.

After many days and hours spent, all are done. And now i have to rely on get Mama to get these posted out on Wednesday cos Wednesday is the only day in the week that the our local post office close late. Hopefully my friends will get these in time.

By the way, Boo's pawrents came to visit and stayed over at our place. More on this in my next post.