Sunday, March 18, 2007

Shampoo for my Hair.

Chiyo has shared with me the secret behind her beautiful hair. Besides the daily brushing, she is using Espree Shampoo and Les Pooch Shampoo. So i made Mama to go down the pet shop and get me the shampoo.

She was telling me that Espree carries a range of shampoos and it took her a while to find the one that i wanted.

Lucky thing, she was smart enough to get me the conditioner too or i will get her to make another trip there because Boo later on told me that he is using the conditioner. I havent tried using these but will do so next week.

By the way, Chiyo and Ike has been nominated for Awesome Blog Award at Dogs with Blogs. Frankly, i cant decide. I love both of them and i thought that i can vote for one and Boy can vote for the other. Then i realise that since we only had one User ID, we only can vote once...sigh. But i also found out that Ike has been nominated for Photo of the Month at Dogs with Blogs. That at least makes my life easier.

Good Luck to the Both of You.!



Maggie said...

You'll now be silky smooth and luscious like Chiyo! You'll have to constantly run to stay away from the boys! hehehehe

Love ya lots,

Liberty Doo Dah said...

Hi Baby!
Looks like those shampoo's were made just for you!
I bet you'll be all frisky after your bath!

Oscar Airedale said...

Looks like lucious locks are only a bath away. Shame you got to have a bath though, grr.

Oscar x

Jasper said...

KEWL looking shampoo....I hope you like it!
P.S. you asked for our is

Jasper said...

KEWL looking shampoo....I hope you like it!
P.S. you asked for our is

Jasper said...

KEWL looking shampoo....I hope you like it!
P.S. you asked for our is

Jasper said...

I have NO idea how that happened...blogger is driving us crazy these days....sorry for so many duplicate posts!

chilligan said...

I'm giving it a shot.
What kind of dog is the one at the top? I can't tell... s/he's all squished down in the blanket.

Boo said...

oh boy n baby you bought the shampoo & conditioner too. yep, i gotta admit even though i'm a boy but i use conditioner. well, mom washes me and she found out that if i don't use conditioner, all my hair will tangle when she dry me so the conditioner. i have just started using my 2nd bottle and it smells good! but not the shampoo though.

my first shampoo is different brand. it's finishing but guess what? when i went to one of those doggie carnivals, i got free shampoo from the goodie bag so i'm not buying another bottle.

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Oh.. Now you guys will have nice smooth hair like pretty Chiyo. Yeah, when there's more the one doggie you like, it make the voting a difficult choice.

~ fufu

chiyo said...

oh yay! you got the shampoo and conditioner! :) do you think it smells nice? i do! hee hee...

see, it's even got shih tzu picture on it! can't go wrong! :)

Simba said...

I bet you smell beautiful now.

Simba xx

Jasper said...

Now that my Momma has the misunderstanding clear....she email you with the addy.