Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spring is Here?


I saw something on Joey's blog yesterday. He has a Cuz at his yard

and i thought it looks like something i have at home too.

Only that my hoomans calls them flower instead.

We dont have a garden because we are living in a flat but we have some corridor space to grow plants, but of course it must be in a pot. Here are more pictures of the rest of the plants that we have...

I must say they really look so pretty and Mama has been smiling to herself whenever she look out of the door.



Boo said...

errr... i think joey calls it cuz coz he wanted to chew it. LOL

is that hibiscus?? orchid and and and... some flowers! actually i've seen that yellow flower before but just don't know what its call.

your mom is so talented in making jewellery and planting. mom told me she once had a tree in our house when they first moved in. guess what? according to her friend, this tree doesn't need watering much. so mom didn't really water it that much but it die anyway after 1 month. hahaha.

is your papa helping out as well??

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

No fair Baby! You have to tell us the names of the flowers! They're all very pretty.

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

hmm they are so close to your house but you cant eat them, which is such a shame. something that pretty has to taste good!!

Simba said...

Those flowers are very pretty. Good enough to eat in fact.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

Very pretty flowers. In England we say you have green fingers if you are good at growing things, do you say that too?

Oscar x

Fu Fu said...

Oh what alot of nice flowers you have. I like the orchids. Are they difficult to keep??

~ fufu

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Baby,
My mum was ohhhing and ahhhing over the orchids.. (she loves orchids). She said your mum has 'green fingers' (what does that mean? You mean you mum's fingers are GREEN??)

Ike's life said...

You have flowers, I have snow. You are sooooo lucky.

chiyo said...

ooooh pretty! HM loves orchids, your mama's ones are growing so nicely! but i hope they are not taking too much of your mama's time like those 'pet's HM has at work!


p.s. has your mama been down to the tag place yet? :) HM found another site that engraves tags :)

Bond said...

Hi Baby & Boy,

Wow ! Your mum has green fingers :) very nice flowers :)

Liberty Doo Dah said...

We live in an aprtment too and mum has to grow potted flowers on our patio! It's so nice to see all those flowers and greenery! When mum brings a plant home, I get SUPER thrilled!
They make me smile as well!

Jasper said...

Green Thumb...that is what we call it down here in the South.
My Momma does not have it!
poor plants.

Bella said...

such pretty flowers - you are very lucky. I bet they smell really pretty tooo

Paw Power & hugs

Hammer said...

Hello Boy and Baby

Your flowers are beautiful.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Also, my mum is sorry because she forgot to mention your post about Beau. She was up very late last nite trying to fix our computer problems, which are still not fixed.

Thank you all for caring, and hope you're having a good time over Easter.

Love from Hammer

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Beautiful flowers!!! I like flowers... I like to bite them... and my humans get upset...

Jackson said...

Mmmmm, tasty! I like eating flowers but I haven't tried any of those yet. They wouldn't last long with me around! J x

Amber-Mae said...

Hey Boy & Baby! I never talked to you guys for SO long already! How are you two? OMdoG, I love your necklace lah, so adorable...But unfortunately, even if my mommy buys me that necklace, surely I'll brake it! Anyway, I've added you guys as my friend. Hope you don't mind...Do visit us at our bloggy ya? See ya around! Cheers!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lillie Valentine said...

I wish we had some pretty flowers in our yard. All we have is snow. It is SO cold here! Happy Easter!!

Cubby said...

Wow, you have lots of pretty flowers!