Friday, April 27, 2007

Results of 'Guess the Paw' Game.

Boy n Baby:
We would like to thank every pup who has participated in our 'Guess the Paw' Game. The answer .....


belongs to BOY.


belongs to BABY.

7 of you guys have guessed correctly and since we are only giving 3 prizes away, we had to choose based on the most creative or dog-sensical reason that was given. It was a tough decision but finally we have got the results.

The winners are .... (drum roll please)




Your prize is coming your way real soon. Keep that creativity going and we hope you have enjoyed the game.

Boy n Baby

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Doofus Face.

Boy n Baby:
Our 'Guess the Paw' Game is still on so we cant show our body and paws paws too much. Hence we decided to show our best impersonation of Tanner aka Doofus facial expression.

So who you think is better?

Boy n Baby

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

'Guess the Paw' Game.

Boy n Baby:
How to Play
Guess who's paw belong to who.

Paw A

Paw B

We will give out 3 (yes, only 3) prizes away. And since this game is soooooooooo very simple, we decide to make it a little bit tougher by after guessing who's paw belong to who, you will need to give a reason why you think so.

We will choose 3 pups with the most creative or dog-sensical reason who get it right and will announce it in our blog.

Closing Date:
27th April 2007, 2200 hrs (Singapore Time)

Boy n Baby

Monday, April 23, 2007

New Look, Old Me.

Some of you confused this for my new look. This isnt my 'new' look. Its was my 'old' look.

I went to the groomer and came back looking like this. This is then my new look.

Mama actually told them not to cut my hair on top of my head but they snip it away. Lucky think i still look good or i would have given them a good 'bite'.

But Mama likes my paw paw the most. She thinks that the groomer did a good job on my legs/paws and she says it looks real cute.

But they shaved my hair on my tummy, making me look fat. I am not FAT, really.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Itchy Scratchy Eyes.

I have been scratching my eyes the last few days and it became so bad that my eyes became swollen. I even dragged my face along the bed and sofa. And this was the result...

Mama was not too happy of course and she really couldnt figure out the reason. How could it be that only my eyes are affected and not the rest of my body.

She then thought that maybe my hair was poking into my eyes (see pic. above) hence making it itchy. So i was sent to the groomer yesterday and got a new look. And after that, i didnt scratch my eyes anymore and Mama felt glad. She would rather that i look more like a boy than having my eyes swollen like that.

But i like my new look. In fact i have been busy admiring myself in the mirror. I will get Mama to take my photos so that i will show it to all of you tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Friendly Match.

Huskee & Boo Boo is having a friendly match, barking for my love and attention.

BooBoo: Hi Baby ! Do you know that Huskee went on a date with JACK ? ... He doesnt loves you anymore ...
BooBoo: Hi Huskee, Glad you are enjoying your date with Jack :D .... Well that leaves me one less competitor for Baby ...

Huskee Boy: Wahh.. Boo Boo is trying to 'steal' you away!! Urmm.. Jack does have a soft spot for me (I guess) but don't fret, I still like girls..

BooBoo: Baby .... you sure you love someone with "questionable" ..... errrr .... "interest"? Huskee is seeing JACK, A MALE !!! you know?

Huskee Boy: Seriously don't listen to Boo Boo.. I think he is trying VERY hard to steal u away..

Baby: Hee Hee, Dont worry guys.. i love all of you equally so dont need to fight

BooBoo: YEAH !!! Baby say she loves me too !!!!
BooBoo: See Huskee !!! BABY DOES LOVES ME !!!!

And Boo, the Casanova cant think of a solution either...

Boo: aiyah, i dun think i can help u about boo boo's situation. he could crush me easily. lol

So how am i suppose to resolve this? Maybe you guys will change your mind about me after looking at my 'not so pretty' looks.

when i am having a bad hair day..

when i am having the 'doofus' face...

when i am sulking...

when my tongue rules my brain...

when i am daydreaming...

my 'morning after' look...

when i am in the ZZZ land...

when i am sticking out my tongue...

So after looking at all these unglamourous shots of me, will you guys still love me or are you all running away and hiding now?


Monday, April 16, 2007

Grooming Session went WRONG!

On Sunday, i went for my grooming session with my usual groomer (shall not name names). But it went horrendously WRONG! I was suppose to get a 'puppy cut' but i came back with uneven haircut and my tail was still long and bushy. Mama didnt want to say anything rude cos the groomer is actually a nice person and his work has been alright so far.

Mama took some photos of my haircut but it doesnt look that bad in photos thou.

Front View

Side View


Since my tail was so long and bushy, Mama had to trim it herself and of course, what do you expect from an amateur like her.


(Baby: Lucky thing i didnt go to the groomer but Mama is planning to send me for one this week. She tried to take photos of my paw pads but it seems that my hair has overgrown and covering them)

By the way, i have found out that Maggie & Mitch send us gifts so i would like to personally say Thank you. But i didnt have the chance to play with Mr Carrot cos that brat has been hogging it.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Card, Carrot & Treats!

We got a parcel in the mailbox today and it is from Maggie and his little brother, Mitch . Boy was sleeping so i get to open the parcel. I was so excited.

Can i open the parcel?


There was a card with a beautiful airedale on it and it looks exactly like Maggie.

And guess what, Maggie has sent us her favourite toy... Mr Carrot.

Mr Carrot looks yummy and it squeaks too. I really love Mr Carrot. (You got great taste, Maggie!)

as much as i love my Dino Cuz. (See the same 'doofus' face there)

And they also have sent us Beef Rawhide Treats. Mama says she will let us try it over this weekend. I cant wait for Boy to wake up to tell him about this. He will be so happy just like how i am feeling now.

Thank you so much, Maggie & Mitch!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cool Hairstyle.

I think some of my friends thought that the bootiful girl with those kewl hairstyle is me. No, it is not me. I found her picture in the net.
I am sure you guys know that i am keeping my hair long for a change.. but i havent really decide what kind of hairstyle i want. So i was surfing the net to look for real chic hair style that will make me look even prettier and i found these.

I dont know her but i think she must be some supermodel doing a dogwalk. Any more ideas?


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spring is Here?


I saw something on Joey's blog yesterday. He has a Cuz at his yard

and i thought it looks like something i have at home too.

Only that my hoomans calls them flower instead.

We dont have a garden because we are living in a flat but we have some corridor space to grow plants, but of course it must be in a pot. Here are more pictures of the rest of the plants that we have...

I must say they really look so pretty and Mama has been smiling to herself whenever she look out of the door.


Monday, April 2, 2007

My New Tag

Finally, my dog tag is ready. Mama has always wanted to get me a tag to wear and recently she came across a shop that offers the service of engraving photos on it.

It took a week for it to be ready. Here is how it looks like.

And because my tag is reflective, Mama could not get a good shot of it. I will just have to add a chain to it and i can wear it as a collar.