Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Japanese Name & Inside News

Boy n Baby:
Goofy has tagged us for this Japanese Name game.
Here are the tag instructions:-

1. Add your name on the list & spell out your name using the given Japanese letter-translations below.
2. You will have to tag 6 of your pawllos & inform them of the tag-game.

The translation:-
A-ka.. B-tu.. C-mi.. D-te.. E-ku.. F-lu.. G-ji.. H-ri.. I-ki.. J-zu.. K-me.. L-ta.. M-rin.. N-to.. O-mo.. P-no.. Q-ke.. R-shi.. S-ari.. T-chi.. U-do.. V-ru.. W-mei.. X-na.. Y-fu.. Z-zi

So Baby's japanese name is TuKaTuFu and Boy's name is TuMoFu...hehe.

We believe most pups has played this game so count yourself tagged if you havent play yet.

Those who are familiar with our blog will realise that we have used this above photo like a zillion times (okay, we are exeggerating). That is because this is the ONLY, YES ONE AND ONLY good photo of both of us together.

Inside News from Mama:
Boy and Baby share a very special kind of relationship. They have lived together for almost 6 years but i have never seen them playing together or even fight. They just leave each other alone as though they live in their own world. Sometimes, i wonder whether is this normal.

The affection (i think so) displayed that i observed is when Boy gets the last bite of something and Baby dont, he kind of throw some of the floor refusing to eat it and Baby will then eat it and when Baby does something wrong and she runs away from her punishment, she will hide behind Boy and Boy will growl at us. I wonder whether this happen in homes that have two or more dogs


Maggie & Mitch said...

You guys are so cute together! We hope to see more of it in the future!
We never share food! We're both chow hounds and the more we get the happier we are! Mom says there's a word for us - PIGS!!! But when mom is yelling like a mad woman because something or someone has made her mad - Mitch and I do stick close to each other! We've never had to growl because nothing dangerous has ever happened!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lacy said...

w00f's boy and baby...hmmm did he do that protection thingy b4 baby goted lost or iz it just afterwards?? me thinks its cute that he wants to protect her..just like hoooman kids, ok well sumtimes like hoooman kids..

b safe,

Jackson said...

Hey pals, I really can't believe that that is the ONLY beautiful photo of you two together! J x

Sparky said...

TuKaTuFu! TuMoFu!

I really like that picture of you both. I think it's definitely one of the best! Very cute...


Kay said...

haha...awww so cute... they bond together and it's nice to see them getting along so well.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Boy and Baby!
Maybe is the only one picture of you two together but sure is the best!
Kisses and hugs

JB's Big World said...

They are cute together. That is strange that they don't play with each other or fight. Do they sleep together ever? It is so cool that Boy will stick up for Baby when she is in trouble! I think they must have some sort of a canine understanding between them.

Amber-Mae said...

That's a really nice picture of them both! Actually, this is the 1st time I've ever seen this picture. Seriously! They both have a very good relationship together but they just mind their own business. I don't think they both find anything interesting about each other & that's maybe becoz why they don't play? Boy growls at you becoz he's just trying to protect his little sister or is it older sister? I know they both love & care for each other!

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

duo_disaster said...

It's also our first time seeing this picture, lovely! We like it!

Hmm, in regards to 2 dogs living under 1 roof -- We play, We fight! We snatch toys from one another. We get pissed off with each other but nevertheless at the end of the day, we NEED to sleep side by side with each other.

When Goofy was younger, he will hide under Rudolf's 4 paws! Then he would protect him by growling. Because Mummy hate to hear growls and we fear her mighty slaps, this is no longer happening.

Others asked why Mummy didnt stop us from fights (sometimes we fight REAL hard) but oh well... She knows us too well.

Rudolf & Goofy

BWTH Dog House said...

TuKaTuFu! TuMoFu!

haha so cute the japanese name.

Hmm....both of you really have a special kind of relationship huh. It LOOK like you do not care of each other but actually you are. Boy sure is a very pawtective bro.

slurpy licks,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

You 2 are cute togther. Boy is a good big brother to Baby

~ Girl girl

Simba said...

They sound like real brother and sister to me. lol.

Simba x

Boo said...

a lot of fu fu in the jap name. lol

well, i find it kinda weird u two don't mix around. me and dopes play like there's no tomorrow. ok, more like him disturbing me most of the time.

wet wet licks


Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Wow...the sign of ultimate friendship...sharing...I'm in awe! I could take a lesson from you guys! I steal toys from other dogs at the dog park...Sh-air-ing...okay...

Don't forget to post pictures of your goody exchange package!!! Go to Chef's blog and post it in the Album!!! Woohoo! Can't wait to see!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Pug and Bugg said...

Hi Boy and Baby-

1) Baby, congrats on getting an SNPM honorable mention!

2) Momma's note- Sophie and Dixie are the EXACT OPPOSITE- they are always interacting with each other but do not help each other or share when it comes to food- it's just vicious, everyone on their own warfare. And when one is in trouble, the other doesn't mind!

Goofy said...

sounds like tofu.. hehehehe

erm.. when i go back hometown every weekend, i do play alot with scooby in my hometown.. we didn't fight, but we play kinda rough, coz scooby play rough, i mostly give in to him..


BrandytheGreat said...

YOu two look kinda cute together! YOur mama should be more patient and take more pics! BUt, the only reason im telling you this is because....shh!.....treats will magically appear!

Peanut said...

maybe you two just have an odd relationship. Nothing wrong with that as long as it works for you.

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Baby,
Don't worry, I think it's better for you to leave each other alone than me at each other's throat!!

Asta said...

Boy and Baby
I think you have a weal love and loyalty..to shawe and pwotect each othew is pawfect..you awe bof vewy cute, and I hope youw mom is able to find you togethew fow mowe pictoowes
smoochie kisses

JB's Big World said...

Have a great week, you two!

Mack said...

Paris and I rassle constantly. She kinda makes it less boring around here - a little anyway!

Jessie and Jake said...

Well in our house - I (Jake) like to follow Jessie around and bug her and try to steal her food but she doesn't want to have anything to do with me and is basically jelous of any attention I get from Mama and Papa. She is in her own world and ignores me 99% of the time!

ToFFee said...


I wish I have a sister or brother with me.. it get's lonely most of the time at home..


Amber the Chihuahua said...

Hey Boy and Baby! Can you wear the pink tee I send you?? I hope you can >.<
i don't want the tee to be too tight so I chose a bigger size. Your Japanese names are so cute! i wish I have a bro or sis.. I get so bored when mommy isn't around..

~Amber :)