Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tanner's Words of Wisdom

So i was almost feeling bored since mama has gone back to work today after spending the last two days at home, then i remembered Tanner's words...


And i never want to be a boring pup, so i decided to take his advice...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our little sister turns 3 today.

Boy n Baby:


Sticking out Tongue is NOT weird!

So Boy was making fun of me and my tongue and trying to tell my friends that i am weird...

Well, his plan didnt work. Instead i received alot of comments telling me that 'this' made me very special and i am such a cutie.

And not only that, i realise that it is not strange at all. My friend, JB does this too and she is so adorable.

Too bad, Boy. You got to try harder!

Monday, June 16, 2008

For BenBen & stuff that mama does

Specially for Ben Ben...

Lots of Love from the Two of Us.

Mama was bored the other night so she did this to me while watching TV.

I wasnt impressed.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baby & her Tongue

Presenting Baby with her Tongue...

Friday, June 13, 2008

International Goodie Exchange & Suprise from Snowball

Our International Goodie Exchange pressie from Amber is here!!! We were so excited when mama open the door and the postman pass her the parcel. (if the parcel is too big, it cant fit in our letter box so they will personally hand deliver to the door). We knew straight away that it was for us.

See how BIG the parcel is!

Finally, mama open the parcel for us and here are all the good stuff in it.

Here we are checking out the items. They look and smell so good!

Since Amber didnt mention who gets what, we have decided to choose ourselves.

Baby: I knew that this pink pullover is for me cos its PINK! You cant see from the picture but the pull over actually says 'Diva Dog' hehe.

Boy: I decide to pick the collar cos its black (thank god, not any girly colour) and look very tough and i am a tough boy!

And as for the rest of the treats, we have decided to share between us. Mama actually took a video of us sharing the milk jelly but 'Jumpcut' is being mean and didnt allow us to upload it.

We are so happy! Thank you Amber for the lovely gift and Thank you Chef and Mr. T-Bone Beasley for organizing this! We really enjoy it!

Things cannot get any better than this. Snowball send me a parcel too and this time it is for me only, WOOO HOOOO! Boy was so envious when he saw his name was not on it.

She sent me two dresses and the dresses are really special because it is sewn by her jie. Her jie is really so creative and skillful unlike some hooman in this house.

They are so beautiful! Snowball, Thank you very much and please send my kisses to your jie!

Boy, i can share the dress with you if you want...haha

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Japanese Name & Inside News

Boy n Baby:
Goofy has tagged us for this Japanese Name game.
Here are the tag instructions:-

1. Add your name on the list & spell out your name using the given Japanese letter-translations below.
2. You will have to tag 6 of your pawllos & inform them of the tag-game.

The translation:-
A-ka.. B-tu.. C-mi.. D-te.. E-ku.. F-lu.. G-ji.. H-ri.. I-ki.. J-zu.. K-me.. L-ta.. M-rin.. N-to.. O-mo.. P-no.. Q-ke.. R-shi.. S-ari.. T-chi.. U-do.. V-ru.. W-mei.. X-na.. Y-fu.. Z-zi

So Baby's japanese name is TuKaTuFu and Boy's name is TuMoFu...hehe.

We believe most pups has played this game so count yourself tagged if you havent play yet.

Those who are familiar with our blog will realise that we have used this above photo like a zillion times (okay, we are exeggerating). That is because this is the ONLY, YES ONE AND ONLY good photo of both of us together.

Inside News from Mama:
Boy and Baby share a very special kind of relationship. They have lived together for almost 6 years but i have never seen them playing together or even fight. They just leave each other alone as though they live in their own world. Sometimes, i wonder whether is this normal.

The affection (i think so) displayed that i observed is when Boy gets the last bite of something and Baby dont, he kind of throw some of the floor refusing to eat it and Baby will then eat it and when Baby does something wrong and she runs away from her punishment, she will hide behind Boy and Boy will growl at us. I wonder whether this happen in homes that have two or more dogs