Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dinner & Trying out the New Digicam.

Recently Baby has been vomiting daily. Worse was that brat only vomits early morning and she does it on the bed. Lucky thing our mattress are wrapped with pvc n matress cover or else her vomit will seeped through. Mama thinks that Baby is vomiting because she only eats on alternate days.

Dont get me wrong. Mama feeds us everyday but that brat only chooses to eat on alternate days because she is very picky about her food and she hates kibbles. So Mama has decided to give us home cooked food everyday unless she is real busy, then we may have to eat kibbles. Of course it is good news, in fact i would say the bestest news i ever heard in my entire life.

So on Friday, Mama made us Steam Chicken Breast Meat with Cauliflower & Boiled Potatoes. This is one serving. There are 2 of us so Mama prepared 2 servings.

And the leftover.

Then on Saturday, we had Beef with Cauliflower & Rice.

And the leftover.

Look at my bowl and look at that brat's. She always leave a mess whenever she eats. Today, we are going to have Chicken with Broccoli & Pasta. Oh, and these two days..the brat did not vomit one bit. So it all ends well, she feels better, i get to eat delicious food and Mama need not change the bed sheet in the wee hours anymore.

Mama snapped some photos of us using the new digicam.



Maggie said...

Gee guys,
You give me a great idea! I think I'm going to refuse to eat kibble too so that I get mom's home cooked meals every day. Today is pizza! What do you think?! hehehe
Thanks for the tip!
BTW love your pics!

Love ya lots,


Joe Stains said...

oh my the pics look great but the food looks SPECTACULAR!! We loves cauliflower here, and squash, and um everything that is not kibble.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I love people food, but I have to follow it up with a kibble chaser. I just need that kibble taste.

Bussie Kissies

Scrappy said...

Great pictures....
I loooove chicken and the floriets of cauliflower and Broccoli I prefer my vegies frozen not cooked though. Mommy uses them as treats for me.

Nose licks

Boo said...

hey boy n baby,

i love those photos! wow, boy is really an eater! that is so much food. now i'm gonna tell mama she has been under fed me! i have never eat cauliflower and potato before. gonna show this photo to mama and make her cook for me.

baby look so cute in that box and the mug... i mean head shot!

wet wet licks


T-man said...

What delicious looking meals!! My mom used to cook fancy recipes like that for me until I was put on my BORING special diet by the vet (bleh!)

Anyway, I got your card today!!! I love the little paw cutouts. That was so clever :)


e said...

yum yum yum
awww I want to be with E soon and I'll get home cooked meals just like you!

Fei & E

Fu Fu said...

Oh.. your food looks real yummy. Who is that in the styroform box?

~ fufu

Baily said...

now thats what i call a dinner! would you trade for my kibble?

pretty please with kibble on top and a cherry

nose licks xxx

Sunshade said...

AH BOY!! No wonder you are a gigantic boy, you eat SOOOO much!! That's like the size of my bowl, and you really cleaned it up too!!

I bet you guys are so happy you get to eat home cooked food, they are yummier and healthier anyway! We were foster a chihuahua for quite a while who would starve herself like Baby, and only ate when she absolutely needed to. Then mum put her on my diet, and WOW... that girl cleaned up her food faster than me and never refused one meal!!

Ummm.... Baby... mum always told me that I must clean up my bowl or I'll get a husband/boyfriend with lots of pimples ... I think it's true since all my boyfriends have nice faces, no pimples whatsoever! You don't want your honey Boo and Boo Boo to start growing pimples do you?

ps. we got your package on Friday! But mum put it under the X-mas tree because I had no pressies under there.... so I guess I can't open until X-mas morning.....

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Boo said...

hey sunshade, that's a chinese saying you know!? mom told me her ma told her that story too. mom said she cleaned up her bowl nicely but wonder why my dad's face still looks like pizza??!!

wet wet licks


BLU and Comet said...

Wow, that food looks so much better than my kibble and anything the girl pretends to cook. I'm glad everyone's tummy feels better.

Thanks for the card you sent. We love the pictures.

Chiyo said...

wow!!! you guys are lucky! :) hee hee it looks delicious! i'm glad baby isn't vomiting anymore :) it feels horrible to be unwell!

why are you guys in the styrofoam box??? :p


*Sasha* said...

u've been tagged!!! want to know more??? pls visit my blog ya...see ya :)

Cubby said...

You are two lucky dogs!