Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Not cut out to be Models.

The other day when Mama brought Boy and me to the pet store to get a pressie for Boo, Mama saw this matching sailor outfit and thought it was nice. Of course we hated it but she bought it anyway. She made us wore it on Christmas Eve and we tried to be as difficult as can be when she wanted to snap some photos of us...

I turned away...

I looked down...

I pretended to look at something else...

I showed her my back

Then, I was tricked into looking up...

Then it was Ah Boy's turn,

Boy looked away...

Boy refused to look at her...

Boy showed her his tongue...

Boy looked at something else

Boy finally gave in...

And as if that was not bad enough, she put on some clips on my hair. I thought i will be nice for once and listened to her but she forgotten the flash...haha

And finally i was tired and went to Z-land.

Mama was going "arrrggghhh". She could not even get us to take a photo together but she should be happy that for once, Boy and me worked hand in hand as a team.




Boo said...

u mean even when she's holding treats also? wow, that's good skill! i wish i can ignore all the treats mom holding when she trying to snap photos. i'm gonna wear your pressie 3 weeks later - there will be a doggie carnival and mom promises to bring me.

mom said she gonna keep the BOOtiful necklace your mama made until CNY.

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

haha those are SO cute! I tend to not cooperate too, unless she has a treat...then I am unable to turn away.

Maggie said...

awwwwww I love the outfits! I especially love the hair clip. I must get one of those too. You're definitely stylin'!


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Boy n Baby,
You both look very cute in your new sailor outfits! You should be happy your Mama wants to take pictures of you to treasure, hehehehe! Hope you both had a very Merry Christmas!!!
Wirey Hugs & Happy Pawlidays!
Butchy & Snickers

Scrappy said...

Hello Sailor! LOL
Those sailor suits are very cute and you both look adorable in them.

Tail wags

Fu Fu said...

Boy N Baby, you 2 look so cute. How come you dont let your mama take nice pic of you both?

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

WOW... you guys are soooo cute!! But I understand what you were trying to do, I tried to do that with Georgie once, and he cooperated until he thought I wasn't watching. I saw him posing for mum secretly....

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We are glad that you and mom like the presents. Do post a picture of you at the Carnival when the time comes. You are lucky that you have carnivals to go to. We are so envious..

Maybe we will co-operate if we did get a cookie as huge as yours.

You definetly can wear the clips cos it is jus a clip on so you dont really need long hair to hold it. Why dont you drop us your address? We are glad to send some over.

Butchy & Snickers
Our sailor outfits is nothing compared to your boo-tiful dress...envy envy envy

Thanks..*wink wink*

We hate the flashing thing!

Yup we read that blog of yours on how Georgie posed for your mom when you are not looking.. sneaky him. By the way, did he grow any bigger? And how did he celebrate his Xmas?

Boy n Baby

Chiyo said...

baby you look stunning in that sailor outfit!! :) red looks very good on you!! :) but of course, the hoomans don't ever understand that we look best in our birthday suit :p

ah boy you look very smart in white and blue too! :)

i'm going to wear the bow you gave me tomorrow when i go out for dinner :) will take more pictures and show you!


Boston Love said...

When do you ship out Sailors? Very cute outfits...

Pearly said...

Cute clothing.. matches too..haha