Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Evil Creatures.

I was so excited when Mama called from work to say that she is bringing 3 puppies home. But little did i expect that when she said puppies, she meant these 3 goofers..


I was so mad that i bite this guy's nose and he still got the cheek to smile.

They are so noisy, yapping away endlessly and something tells me that they are 'Evil'

I was more interested in the rabbit thing that one of them was wearing around his neck.

While all this was going on, what was my brother doing? He was doing what he does best. Sleeping!

How can i ever depend on him to save me if these 'evil' creatures attack me?




Boo said...

omDOG! they are laughing at you in the first video! i swear i hear them laughing! i swear!

they even run as "fast" as you!

evil! you don't need boy's protection. i'm here for you.

wet wet licks


Oscar Airedale said...

Ooh, I would have to bite & shake them until they behaved. Seems like you can't rely on Boy, so you're going to have to be a big brave girl.

Oscar x

Maggie said...

ewwwwwwwwww you're right! Nasty noises these little mutts make! You need to silence them forever! Tell Boy to wake up and help you out!

Love ya lots,

Cubby said...

Try ripping their guts out. Dakota does that for me. Maybe you can borrow her. She eats alot, though, so go to the grocery store!

Chiyo said...

oh those NASTY yappers!!! look at that one in the middle fearlessly pushing his way over to you! and he was standing on his hind legs and showing off too! bite him, baby! bite him hard!!! you could shake him around like you did to the other toy in the last video :)

forgive boy, he's longing for his sunshade and went to meet her in his dreams!


Simba said...

A whole pack of evil puppies, sleep with one eye open.

Simba xx