Friday, January 12, 2007


Phew, I am so glad that 'My Sunshade' is back.. I can now sleep in peace and eat without guilt. I will also be waiting at the computer for Sunshade's blog updates.
Mama will be taking leave this coming tuesday because i got to go to the Vet. i am going to get my tooth extracted and i am so nervous. Does it mean that i cant chew bones anymore? Sigh...
And tomorrow, the groomer will be coming to fetch me and Baby. I will go for a shave which i like cos it can be hot, hot, hot and Baby will have a trim. I will try to convince the groomer to give her a 'monkey' look haircut..hahaha.


Scrappy said...

Good luck at the groomers I love getting groomed.... getting cut down is so much cooler for summer. I have been waiting for mommy to feel well enough to give me a haircut.

Tail wags

Boo said...

oh, you two got fetch for grooming!! how nice.

and what's wrong with your tooth?

wet wet licks


Cubby said...

I'm looking forward to the monkey look!

Maggie said...

What's wrong with your tooth Boy??? We're sending major zen your way. Hope all goes well for you. Hey, with your new haircut you'll look pretty for the vet. Whoopee, huh! hehehehe

Love ya lots,

fee said...

dear boy,

why are they taking out your tooth? will you get a new one?


Simba said...

I don't think Baby would like a monkey look! Sorry to hear you have to go to the vets.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

I just had a shower this morning, yuck. Now I smell all perfumed. No grooming though luckily.

I'm sure your tooth will be OK. Flakes the fat cat only has a couple of teeth left as she is an old lady & she still seems to crunch her biscuits.

Oscar x