Saturday, January 13, 2007

Grooming Day.

Boy n Baby:
Papa thinks that it is time for us to get a haircut so we had to spend the whole afternoon at the groomer. 'The Grooming Monster' (mama says his name is Kenneth but we prefer calling him 'The Grooming Monster') came by our house at 10 am to pick us up. All of us, including the hoomans were sleeping like pigs when suddenly Mama's mobile phone rings. He was at our doorstep already. We were stil in dreamland when Mama picked us up so we didnt get to put up much fights and struggles..sheesh.

This is after our grooming look. You can see, that we dont look too happy.

Mama assures us that we look good, yeah sure and we dont need to go back until after Chinese New Year which is in late February. Until then! We hope we dont even need to go back anymore, at all.

To lift up our mood a little, Mama prepared us a yummy din din... Chicken and Mushroom Pasta which happen to be our favourite. So we forgave Papa and Mama but not the 'The Grooming Monster'.

Boy n Baby


Boston Love said...

Susie Q. says, Chicken & Mushroom Pasta would be worth a day at the groomers to me. But my Mom says I'm a pig. ;)

Joe Stains said...

chicken and mushroom pasta?! all we got today is banananananas and blackberries!

Maggie said...

Your groomer picks you up? Ya mean like a school bus picks up kids? Wow! When I was going to the groomer, mom had to take me and pick me up! You guys got it made! BTW the groomer did a great job! You guys are too cute!

Love ya lots,

Boo Boo said...


You still look very pretty and beautiful :)

FYI, I dont go to the groomers ... hiak hiak hiak

Boo said...

oh, both of you know how to make that sad look so well! i guess practice makes perfect!

wet wet licks


Chiyo said...

ah boy looks so handsome now. good timing since sunshade just got back! now you can charm her with your dapper haircut!

baby i think you look sweet! :) now we can see your big eyes so clearly. hehe... HM wants to find a groomer that will pick me up too, but too bad i live in such an ulu place! :p


Scrappy said...

WoW, Baby you looook beautiful ;-) Both you guys look great. But, WoW baby-licious is the word. ;-)

Tail wags

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wow you 2 get a pawsonal groomer escort!?!?!

Bussie Kissies

Oscar Airedale said...

Boy, you look super handsome & Baby looks sweet. And getting the pasta dinner must have been a bit of a payoff.

Oscar x