Thursday, August 2, 2007

Boy's Visit to the Vet.

Yesterday, i brought Boy to the vet to check on his lumps. The vet checked and in total there are three lumps on his chest. Two of the lumps are similiar, they look like swelling nipples while the other one is different.

The vet gave us two choice...

Option 1
Remove it meaning he has to go for surgery to remove the three lumps. He will be on general anesthetic remove the lumps, will be on drip and chest will be bandaged up. Will take a month for wounds to completely heal. But this is only possible if his blood test result is okay. Then send the findings to a lab test to find out whether it is cancerous and if it is cancerous, will have to go through another surgery to remove a bigger area to hopefully remove the cancer cells. Removing the lumps alone will cost S$600.

Option 2
To let it be. The reason for this is because he is not young anymore and operation can sometimes cause complication. However it may or may not spread and we would not know.

After much discussion, we have decided to go ahead with a surgery because we believe strongly that he has many more years ahead of him. So the vet did a blood test to check his heart, liver and kidney. And if everything goes well, he was suppose to go for the operation today.

An hour later, the bood test results came out. His heart, liver and kidney is doing fine however he is anaemic (low red blood cell). And his is really a borderline case. The vet then advised us not to send him for the surgery yet. What we should concentrate right now is to increase his red blood cells. His diet have to be changed too. He has to take red meat everyday and some supplements. And 2-3 weeks later, he will haveto go for another blood test and if his blood cells increase then we can schedule him for the surgery.

Although it may seem like a small problem, but i am pretty worried. I never imagine that he could be anaemic. But i believe strongly that he WILL get better especially with so many of you caring for him. Thank you to everyone who has showed so much concern for him and have asked about him. I really appreciate it.

Funny Note:
Boy was clinging to his dad like a small puppy at the vet.

Mas Yeo


Amber-Mae said...

Oh Boy & Baby's hooman,

I am worried too if he goes for surgery especially when he's already quite old. I think it's a great idea that he eats more red meat but that too, I'm worried coz some dogs cannot take red meat & have diarrhea & non-cooked red meat have dirty bacterias becoz it's not cooked. I suggest you do not feed Boy red meat for every meals everyday. I think three times a week is okay. I'm just afraid that Boy may not have a strong stomach or enuf white blood cells to protect himself from the bad bacterias if anything should happen to him... Just some advice here from my mommy coz I can't take not even one small piece of red meat. I get diarrhea the next day & I mean really bad one... Just be careful lah, ha!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Luckie Girl said...

Oh dear...I am sworry to hear about Boy. Hopefully, his new diet will help improve the situation.

Bella said...

Oh Boy looks just like a tiny puppy hugging his daddy in that picture.
Is it worth getting a second opinon? Could they do a 'biopsy' or 'aspiration with a needle' of the lumps under local (or sedation) first to see whether they can determine if the lumps are cancerous, so if Boy does have to have surgery, then possibly only once??
All the best & please let us know

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh boy,

Thats sound make me & mom worried bout you. I hope you will be fine and I believe you can do it. You are one strong doggy. Im sending my paw hug over to you & your family.

Take care & please update us.

ROSSI said...

Oh boy boy... u sure look worry clinging on your dad's shoulder.. my mom n i are worry for you too.. go eat red meat and do whatever u suppose to do..and listen to the vet n your mom.. shall pray for your good health.. hope your blood count will increase by another 2 weeks time..

Am going to find my harry porter stick to phuff the lumps disappear..

Take care..

Golden Rossi

Boo said...

ok, even tho i shouldn't be laughing but looking at boy's photo clinging to his daddy, makes me wanna laugh.

anyway, what about cooked red meat like beef? is that acceptable?

wet wet licks


Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Awww that is such a sweet picture of Boy clinging to daddy it just melts my heart and makes me want to kiss boy's nose. yes as someone suggested get a second opinion. boy at 8yrs old still has many, many years ahead of him. (((hugs))) to you

Scrappy and Pebbles

jaffeboy said...

Boy, U must take care take care. Be good good & eat all the meat meat. They are yummy yummy!

Hammer said...

Poor Boy, he looks so scared, and I understand.

I hope he doesn't have to have operation. My sister Rose has many lumps on her chest .. they are lymphomas. Rose is 8yo. Rose had a checkup last week and the vet agreed with mum to leave them alone. Surgery is shock to system. Natural remedies are good to boost the immune system. Also Mum gives us an Ester C tablet every day and we have Alfalfa too and omega 3 oils and wheat germ etc.

My mum is very worried about Boy too. Will keep checking back to make certain Boy is okay.

Love from Hammer

Hammer said...

Hi Boy

We just checked the photos of Boy's lumps. Hobson had a swelling on his nipple similar, but not a lump, and this was due to his skin problems. Mum has helped his skin problems a lot with a natural diet and natural supplements.

Do you have a natural vet who can give you a second opinion ?

Love from Hammer

Joe Stains said...

Hey the doofus had to get his ugly lumpy removed and it was ok, so we know you will be ok too!

PreciOus said...

Oh dear, poor Boy. Erm, do you think seeking a second advice will be better like what Bella suggested? I really wish Boy does not have to undergo the surgery. But if he must, I'll pray that it turns out well and all those lumps ain't cancerous. *Hugs*


Tommy said...

he will be fine!

Maggie said...

awwwwwwwwwww what a sweet picture! Gee, steak and hamburgers sound like a fine idea to me to boost the red blood stuff! Do you really get to eat all that good stuff Boy?

Love ya lots,

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Boy,
You look so scared. So sorry you have those nasty lumps. Snickers had a booby swell up one time from being bitten by a tick but it went away. Mama wonders if your hormone levels are changing and could possibly be causing the mammary glands to make the lumps. Or they could just be fatty non-cancerous lumps. Always best to have them removed & tested though. Too bad they want to charge you so much money. Not fair at all. We kinda agree with Amber, don't eat red meat at every meal & be sure it is cooked. Please keep us posted on how you are doing ok??
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Pacco de Mongrel said...

if i'm d owner....i'll also b totally confused n not sure which decision to make..

but hope that boy will be strong n keep going.

Huskee Boy said...

** defensively and shaking head vigorously **
No no no.. who said that 8 yrs old is old?? I am 'only' 8 (like you) and I do not feel old..
Ok ok.. we are a bit 'matured' I admit.. I understand what your mom is going through but like her, I strongly believe that you have many good years ahead!!
I love the pic of Boy clinging on to his daddy.. haha.. not so tough and 'KL' anymore huh?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Poor boy, I'll keep my paws crossed for you. Dont worry, you'll be fine and have many more years here with us ok

~ girl girl

chiyo said...

ah boy don't worry too much. were you very scared at the vet's? you look pretty glum in the picture! did they stick funny things up your behind?

for now don't worry too much, enjoy your meaty meaty din dins :) you won't feel a thing during the surgery, and you're going to get so much pampering because of that! :)


fee said...

i hope that boy will be good and eat his vitamins the next few weeks. eight is not old at all! mommy's dog before me went for her surgery to remove lumps like boy's at around 10 and 12 respectively and she came back happy and healthy! boy, be a tough cookie, ok!


Hammer said...

Hi Boy

My mum has been doing Google searches. She is very worried about you. You need to boost your immune system, but if you trust your vet, it is best to follow their advice.

8yo is only young. Jessie had major surgery when she was 13yo for a huge mass of infected lymphomas and she pulled through fine.

You will be okay. We all love you. Your mummie and daddie especially love you, and Baby too. You will be fine, little Boy.

Have a great weekend.

Love from Hammer and his mum

Jackson said...

Poor Boy, sorry to hear about this. I'm nearly 8 too! We're in our prime, right? I'll be keeping my paws crossed for you. J x

Simba said...

Poor boy I hope you are ok now.

Simba xx

Cubby said...

We are sending boxer healing vibes your way, so you blood gets better. We are very worried!

Snowball said...

I really think you should consider bringing him for a second opinion. The more worrying part is what causes the low blood count?

I am sure he will be alright. Please let us know of his progress. You can guage his red blood cell level by monitoring his gum.


Sweets-littlebigman said...

Oh no! Poor Boy. I'm so worried about you. You Mommy and Daddy must be so scared. Hopefully the diet will work and you come through the surgery just fine. I'm keeping my paws crossed for you. That photo of you and your Daddy looks so cute. You must've been pretty scared. I wish you so much good luck with everything you are facing. Have a happy weekend, and get well soon!


Joey said...

I hope Boy's lump is nothing serious, and that he has many more good years with you. Don't worry too much!
take care

Iva & Pearly said...

Cute boy boy!
Eat more beefie!
I hope all is well!
Glad you notice the bumps in time.
Pearly and I send our hugs and kisses!

ToFFee said...

Hi Boy and Mommy..

I'm sure you're worried. Me and my pawrents are worried about Boy too..

Can't they check the lumps by getting fluids from the lump to check if it's cancerous (biopsy)? or have some more tests done before going under the blade?

get another vet's opinion, maybe they can do an ultrasound... or something.

uncooked meat is not healthy right? they have some bacteria like salmonella.. and can cause food poisoning too.

why not take some natural supplements? like iron?

please let us know and we'll check on you regularly...

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh sweet Boy. I am sorry that you have some growths on you. I know your parents will make the best decision for you. Let us know how your blood work turns out.

Could the vet do a needle aspiration to see what the lump is before doing surgery??

Sitka and my mom!