Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bandage Removed.

I just visited the vet again. My bandage was removed but my stitches cant be removed yet. This is how it looks like...

This is only one side. There is another row on the other side but the angle was difficult for mama to get a good shot of it.

Now that the bandage is removed, i have to wear socks and No, this pink socks is NOT mine. Baby lend it to me. Mama is so proud of me. She says that i am a brave and strong boy.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tagged by Toffee.

Boy n Baby:
We were tagged by Toffee a long time ago so finally, here it is.

1. Where is your favorite place to sleep?
Boy: On MY own bed.
Baby: On my own bed too but i allow mama n papa to sleep with me.

2. Is there a specific trick your humans make you do to get treats?
Boy: The 'UP' trick where i have to stand on two..sheesh
Baby: Pretending to be dead.

3. If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone what would do and with whom?
Boy: I think i will love to suntan with my BFF, BooBoo
Baby: I will love to sleep and watch the tv with mama.

4. What is your favorite toy?
Boy: One ball that i have that has faded so badly and has become dirty white in colour.
Baby: Hmmm, i can decide. I love all toys, my toys, Boy's toys and even Nadya's toys.

5. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
Boy n Baby: We are very happy and contented with the way we are.

Boy n Baby

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Update on Boy.

Thank to to every dog, Girl Girl and every body who has asked about Boy

Vet's comments after the surgery:
Boy is amazing! He dont look like he just went for a surgery. I have seen many younger dogs coming out worse than him. He is a strong boy but i think you need to give him alot of attention these few days. He was whining alot and expect someone to sit infront of him at all times.

And the vet's words were so true. He is whining alot so I believe he is in pain. He wants to sleep beside us all the time and demands to be a baby. And by the way, he didnt only go for the lump removal surgery but he also was sterilised. So i guess, it was double the pain. We need to go back to the vet in 5 days time to remove the bandage.

My heart aches to see him in this state actually and i think i made Baby angry cos i gave her lots of scolding. She was always jumping on him and i was afraid that she might hurt him. I hope Boy will be back to his normal self soon.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Huskee!

Yesterday was my Huskee Munchkins Birthday. We had a great dinner and i err, came back in the early morning hence this late post.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Swollen Eyes & Boy's Blood Result.

Last two nights at about 3am, Baby started to behave strangely. She was scratching the bed furiously and she dived in the pillow a few times. That wakes me up and i on the lights to see what was happening. Baby have never behaved this way before and she is a sound sleeper. She normally sleeps on the bed with us through out the night.

After catching hold of her, i began checking her and i saw this...

Her eyes were so swollen. I had to carry her and out her on top of my washing machine. The machine is high and has small surface area so she will not dare to move. I sat beside her and after a a while, she bgan to calm down and dozed off. I can see that she was so tired. I carried her back to my bed and this time she was asleep. The rest of the night, she was fine.

When i woke up in the morning, i check on her eyes again and to my suprise, it was back to normal. I had no idea what has caused it to swell. Nothing unusual happened and she ate her normal food on that day too. I dont know what else to guess and the whole of yesterday she was fine too.

On another note:
Boy went for his follow up blood test and his red blood count is back to normal. He is scheduled for his lump removal surgey tomorrow (Friday) morning. I hope everything will go smoothly.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No, that is not ME!

I saw this on BooBoo blog and many have mistaken that it is me.

It is not me, really. Just some dog that looks like me..ahem.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Once upon a time......

in the eastern sunny side of Singapore of DWB land, there live a Prince Boy and Princess Baby. They were seperated from their parents at an early age and although they cannot remember who their parent are, they are very certain that they have royalty blood in them.

They have a servant to serve them their food n water and a chauffeur to drive them around. They also have good food to eat and ocassionally some luxury food called 'hooman' food. They have a house with a queen size bed to sleep in. And when they having a bath, the servant will rub their back for them and blow them dry. And after they pee n poop, the servant will alway clear the mess for them.

Their life is very comfortable but only one thing is lacking. They dont have friends. Although they have each other but it does gets boring when you see each other every hour of the day. So they spent their day by



Then one fine day, they found out there is this land named DWB and they wandered around. And soon they met other prince n princess who are just like them. They get along very well and soon they become very good friends.

And they lived very happily ever after....

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy 8th Barkday, Boy!


a brother who has a heart-shaped tongue

a brother who lies down with all 4 legs out

a brother who sleeps like a baby

a brother who had funky hair before

a brother who does alot of thinking

a brother who hates to have his photo taken

a brother who does balancing act

a brother who loves his bed cum home

a brother who smiles so broadly

And all of this is my brother, BOY. And no matter how he stinks, he is the best brother in the whole wide world. Happy Barkday, Boy!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We are Hiring!

Boy n Baby:
Position: Pawsonal Chauffeur
Salary: Left Over Treats, Kibbles & Expired Milk
Other Incentives: Dead Squeakies & Torn Stuffies

Yes Doggies, you heard us right. We are hiring to fill up the post of 'Pawsonal Chauffeur' because we are firing our existing one. (mama: who happens to be their papa)

1. We were 10 mins late for our first pawty.

The ride was too slow!

We had to wait 20mins for him to pick us back.


2. We were an hour late for our 2nd pawty. And again the ride was way tooooo slow. Imagine me during the car ride from looking like this...

to this...

and to this...

I am totally PISSED!

And again he made us wait when it is time to pick us up.

We are really pissed! We waited for 30mins.

TOTAL TIME WASTED: 1hr & 30mins

So if if anyone is keen to apply for this position, please leave your name and contact number. We will get back to you.

Boy n Baby

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pressies & More Pressies.

Boy n Baby:
We brought so many pressies back from the pawty that Papa thought we have sneaked off for some shopping spree ..hehe

For: Boy
From: Jay & Gang.

With that bow, i am ready for any ball or party. So girls, if you need any dance partner u know what to do and who to call. And i will make sure that i condition my hair with the Oatmeal Protein Conditioner so that my hair will be smooth and sleek. And as for the Purple Porcupine, that brat Baby has hidden it somewhere...

For: Boy
From: Huskee

This is obviously for me. The Tee has my name big n bold 'BOY'. And as for the treats, i am going to hide it somewhere safe. And did i mention that i am older than Huskee just by 6 days.

For: Boy
From: BooBoo

I never own an Aqua Toy before but i heard that it can float in water. I am not really fond of swimming but perhaps i can bring to the the tub the next time i have a bath. And the blue ball, it squeaks and the moment Baby heard it, she grabs it.

Can somedog please tell her that these are my gifts and not hers.

For: Boy
From: Precious

Precious is a new friend that i know. And did i tell you guys that she is so pwetty. She gave me a lion stuffie and sasami & fish treats. Yummy!

For: Boy
From: Girl Girl

This is a handmade card. Can you see the dog on the bottom left corner. It sure look like me and she also spelled out my name with all those hearts. I never receive that many hearts from a girl before *blush blush*.

See that cute squirrel. The squirrel tummy can squeak while its tail give a 'crinkle' sound.

For: Boy
From: Pawtebello (the cafe)

This is a little gift from the cafe. Huskee got one too cos our friends got us a cake to celebrate our barkday.

Inside are some treats and a ball.

For: Baby
From: Biyin (Huskee's maid) n Girl Girl

I love the star and strawberry. It can make squeaky noises and it is real pretty.

For: Baby
From: Huskee Munchkin

My Huskee Munchkins got me some pwetty clips and a collar with my name embroidered on it. And on top of that some heart-shaped cookie with icing.

For: Baby
From: Chiyo

I think this must be Chiyo's favourite treat cos i ever heard her mentioning that she loves bananananas. And i like those pwetty clips too.

For: Baby
From: Huskee n Boy (My brother!)

This is a goodie bag from them and since it is mine, i am not going to share it with Boy.

This card is designed by mother-in-law (oops, Hukee's mom). Isnt she creative?

For: Boy n Baby
From: Snowball & Chilli

This is a bandana for us. Oh Boy, we will look so cool.

Thank You Everydog for your gifts. We feel like the the luckiests pups around.

Boy n Baby

Friday, August 10, 2007

Pawty at Pawtobello - 9th Aug 07

Boy n Baby:
We went to a pawty yesterday. Boo came all the way from Malaysia and stayed at our place so that he can join the pawty.

Boo: I am ready to pawty! Are you going with that 'rocker' hairstyle?

Baby: Of course NOT!

We were late and by the time we got there, everydog was there. We met many friends there. Have a look at the photos!

Huskee Munchkins & Me (Baby) - The Perfect Couple

I (Boy) am so happy to meet my BFF, Boo Boo

So happy that i decide to give Boo Boo a kiss.

Beautiful Chiyo put on green lens for the pawty.

Pretty Precious

Snowball smiling for the camera

I want to smile for the camera too.

Boo sitting high above. He was scared that we might crush his hat.

I am so happy to sit beside my mother in law.

There was a cake too. They specially got it to celebrate Huskee and my (Boy) coming birthday.

Huskee & me with our birthday cake.

Then, we tried to get a group photo which was so challenging and tough.

Standing beside pretty Snowball

I hope that i dont get intro trouble with Reina's mom for kissing her.

And while we were trying and trying to stay still, Huskee was busy kissing Boo in the background...

Boy n Baby