Sunday, February 4, 2007

Caught in Action!

Boy n Baby:
Last week, the hoomans brought home a stuffie doggie. And because the bin containing the rest of the stuffies were full, they placed the doggie here.

But whenever they come back home from somewhere, they will find the doggie at all other places except the place where they put it.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Of course, we told the hoomans that the doggie moved by himself and they almost believed us until one of us was caught sniffing his ass.


Boy n Baby


Boo said...

nononono, baby, you don't want to sniff that doggie butt. tell ya, its butt is nothing like mine. mine is better. kekeke.

you really should learn from simba how to destroy evidence. he's pretty good at it.

i hope simba still keeping the toys i gave him.

wet wet licks


Scrappy said...

Oh, my that is funny. I always give myself away too.

Tail wags

Maggie said...

hahaha I always sniff stuffies butt too - just to be sure!

Love ya lots,

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

hey u had a cute toy there...

but y he keep doing d same 'bow' posture?

Sunshade said...

I bet it's Nadya, she moved the doggie!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

chiyo said...

was that doggie meant for you and boy? :) ehehehe baby, you look a little disgusted when you sniffed the dog bum. does it smell bad?


Cubby said...

Dakota would have eaten the evidence for you, but then you would have no more stuffie!

Fu Fu said...

And I really thought that the doggie moved by itself..

~ fufu

Oscar Airedale said...

Damn those cameras catching all the evidence!

Oscar x

Simba said...

Maybe the doggie did move by its self and you were just trying to put it back.

Simba xx

wally said...

what does it smell like? i wish my stuffies had smells. nothing like a good whiff of bottom.


Ike's life said...

I think you should tear your stuffie's tail off to see what's inside!


Joe Stains said...

do you have sweet love with the doggie??? I sure would!

Bond said...

thats a cute doggie you have there :)

Ben_Benjamin said..., instead of destroy the evidence, you should destroy the camera. wahaha.