Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa!

Boy n Baby:
Happy Birthday Papa! Today is Papa's birthday but the hoomans didnt go anywhere. They are planning to have a special dinner tomorrow night instead because it happens to be their Wedding Anniversary Day. Which means, we are going to be home alone. But does that also mean we can order pizza, have beer and watch television all night? We will ask Mama later.

And before we forget, we are supposed to post Nadya'a photo of her wearing the CNY costume as promised to Chiyo weeks ago.

This is the best photo that we can come up with. She has this problem about not looking at the camera long enough for Mama to snap a good shot. Gee, that sounds so familiar.

And talking about Nadya, she is really becoming bolder now. She will chase us all the way under the sofa and sometimes she will hug us so tight, more like strangling we would say. She also likes to poke her fingers into our eyes. But we dont have hard feelings about these because we know that she dont mean any harm.

In fact we thinks that she loves more than the hoomans. Everytime she wakes up from her sleep, she turn to Mama and ask, "Baby?" then Mama will say, "Baby is sleeping", then she will ask "Bo Boy?", Mama will give her the same answer and it will goes on and on until she is tired of asking.

And everytime before she stepped out of the house, she will look for us and chase us just to give us a kiss on our forehead. So with all these sweet antics of hers, how can we be angry with her for her mischiefs?

Boy n Baby


Boo said...

nadya looks so in cny mood with the costume. :-) you three should take a group photos with everyone looking elsewhere! hehehe.

i want a favour, can you email the bestest photos of you two?? can't tell you what it's for yet though. :-)

wet wet licks


Billy said...

I just wrote a whole thing and then it disappeared!

Nadya is much too cute! It's nice that she gives you big hugs and kisses, how special is that you two!

A birthday and anniversary...can I come? Happy Anniversary as well!!

Many hugs from me! :)

Maggie said...

Pizza and beer works for anyone's anniversary dinner! I hope you get to have pizza but say no to the beer! Nadya is sure a cutie!

Love ya lots,

Fu Fu said...

Woh Pizza and beer, hey do call me along if there's a pawty going on ok. :) Nadya sounds like a sweet little girl.

~ fufu

Huskee Boy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Boy and Baby's Papa (aka my future 'father-in-law' since Baby is my gal) and Happy Anniversary to my future 'parents-in-law'..
Nadya (my future 'sis-in-law') sure looks cute!! I think she is a cookie-print of my future 'mother-in-law'.. (gosh, all these relationships is sure confusing)..

Joe Stains said...

i would gladly trade you nadya for the doofus!!

chiyo said...

oh nadya is such a sweet darling!!! :) can you give her many kisses from HM and me? i love how she asks for you two when she wakes! i love little children who don't scream the sky down when they see dogs :)

don't worry about nadya poking her fingers into your eyes :p even grown-ups like HM does that sometimes too. she says it's by accident but i say she does it to irk me.

hee is nadya keeping long hair?


chiyo said...

oh happy birthday to your papa!!! :)


Scrappy said...

Awww happy birthday and anniversary to Boy n Baby's hoomans. Gosh that Nadya is a cutie.

Tail wags

kate rogers said...

A very cute post. Glad to have come across your blog. This post finally elevated my depressed spirits.
Good luck to you all. The little one deserves an applause and a hug.
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Simba said...

Nadya is sooo sweet, does she still feed you cereal? I may need training tips for that.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, happy birthday to youp Papa, & happy wedding anniversary to both your hoomans.

You are such sweet doggies to be so patient with Nadya.

Oscar x

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Boy & Baby,
Nadya sure is a cutie! Sounds like she is really having fun learning to play with you two, hehehe. Her CNY outfit is so cute too. Tell your Papa Happy Birfday & Happy Anniversary to Mama & Papa! I Butchy will have my 3rd anniv. on the 7th with my new Mama & Papa. We can hardly believe it's been 3 years. I'm so happy they got me though!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Jasper said...

Nadya is adorable!!!
Happy Burff Day to Papa and Happy Anni to your Mama and Papa!!!
I am all for pizza and beer!! haha