Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Socks n Booties.

Last week, the hoomans bought me booties and


The socks even have the anti-slip thingy.

But i was wondering if the booties are for me to wear when i go for walks then what are the socks for. Later at night, i found out the answer to this question. You see, I have been licking my my left paw so much that it become sore and there were no more furs to it. I went to the vet and the vet says it due to my recurring skin problems. Sigh... Mama says that my paw looks like chicken feet now. Please dont laugh at me.

But the strange part was that my legs and my right paw is okay. In fact, it is white and fluffy.

They made me wear the E-collar at first but because i keep on banging the wall with it so they took it off. Now, they make me wear the sock to hopefully prevent me from licking my paw.

I hate it.

I hope my fur grows fast and soon. I dont want my paw to look like chicken feet and i dont want to wear the sock anymore.



Huskee Boy said...

Hi Boy,
Gasp.. I started with the same 'symptoms' as you.. Better tell ur mum to keep an eye on you before you end up like me.. =(
Those socks are a good idea.. (hmm, must they come in fours though.. such a waste cos I only need one.. hehehhe).. but you look kinda cool with it..

* Msg to Baby - Hi Sweetheart.. (Blush)

Boo said...

oh,boy boy why do you have chicken feet? oh oh oh... that's just you. hehehe.

that's bad! are those black spots your mark? i have few of those black spots on my belly too.

btw, i got your 2nd package today. since i can't open the door... again, the post uncle place it between the grill n door again. luckily no one took it.

wet wet licks


Billy said...

Even if you have chicken feet, you are still cute!

Hugs from Billy :)

Oscar Airedale said...

The socks are cute. I would keep them on for about 5 seconds though!

Oscar x

chiyo said...

ow doesn't it hurt? i mean the chewed off parts? the socks are a good idea, at least they are ventilated, it wouldn't keep all the dampness in or else it might get infected. hee boy are you too hungry? but you two already eat so much! hahaha :p hope the socks will keep you from chewing on your paw paw anymore! :) why only one paw?

how does your mama make the socks stay on? anything i wear on my feet falls off after a few steps. too much hair :p


Scrappy said...

Those socks look great. I have booties for the winter and I hated them at first but now when it snows or rains I run to fetch my booties. I now appreciate warm paws. Boy, I hope they solve the problem for you.

Tail wags

Joe Stains said...

THANK YOU FOR THE PRESSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will post photos tomorrow but we just wanted to say thank you so much. the little name thing is just adorable, and the CUZ is like one of the few we don't already have. Mom hasn't let us try the treats yet, but tomorrow she says!!

Ike's life said...

I lick my feet too and my mom yells at me until I stop or she wraps a blanket around them. Sometimes I get yeast infections between my toes and then my toes stink, but I like it. I don't have chicken feet yet ... I guess I should keep my licking in check. Get well soon and sorry about the sock!

Fu Fu said...

Poor Boy, you look like your paw is in bandage in the last pic. I hope your fur fur grows back soon. How do you like wearing the sock so far?

~ fufu

Simba said...

You look so cute with your little sock on. I could have done with those booties today in the snow.

Simba xxx

Simba said...

You look so cute with your little sock on. I could have done with those booties today in the snow.

Simba xxx

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh...boy, can you walk with the sock & booties on?? dontcha fee weird??