Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine Day Pressie from HUSKEE BOY!

On Valentine's eve, i received another 'Valentine's Day' pressie and this time it is from my man, Huskee Boy. He gave me a bootiful pink sleeved (how did you know i love pink?) t-shirt with a big heart on it. i tried it on and it fits me very nicely. Here are some photos of me posing with the T-shirt on.

There was also a card...

and i just love this picture in it.

Huskee being such a sweet and thoughtful guy, he didnt forget Boy so he send him some treat too.

And this is my treat.

Mama lets us try the treats that night and this is how i feel about the treats.

Absolutely YUMMY!

Thank you for the pressie...*muah muah*.



Scrappy said...

WoW Baby you sure have the cutest little babyface in that fabulous shirt. Huskee Boy has wonderful taste and a very kind heart....

Tail wags

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Baby-kins,
*Whistle*... you look absolutely Baby-licious wearing that shirt! Ohh... and that last pic of you with your tongue out had me gasping for breath.. oh Baby, Baby..

Boo said...

omyDOG! i can totally imagine how Huskee looks like with his comment... (insert horny look here). wah-ha-ha!

huskee, you sound so horny!

but i must admit, your last pic makes me *ahem*... sorry, i don't have my jewel with me anymore.

oh, how's the chocolick taste like? mom said she has never seen that chocolick here before.

so so, are you wearing this shirt during CNY??

wet wet licks


Oscar Airedale said...

Aw Baby, you look adorable!

Oscar x

Simba said...

Even more cards and presents. Those treats look tastey.

Simba x

Fu Fu said...

Woh. so nice of Huskee to send you the cute shirt and gifts.

~ fufu

Maggie said...

Baby, you look so pretty in pink and those treats look so yummy. It was so nice of Huskee to think of you. What a true friend!

Love ya lots,

Billy said...

You are certainly the cutest both of you! Huskee was very nice to send you these gifts, so good to have nice friends:)

Hugs from Billy Boo

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Baby,
That shirt is awesome from Huskee! You are a special girl and so nice of Huskee to send it to you. We just love the photo of you licking your chops, hehehehehe!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Joe Stains said...

that was so nice of huskee, you look great in your shirt!!

Lillie Valentine said...

You look so cute in your t-shirt! I luv pink too. Huskee boy is so sweet. He sent me a mini me and I just loved it.