Saturday, February 3, 2007

Valentine's Day Pressie from BOO!

Yesterday Papa collected a parcel for me from the post ofiice . Yes, for me. Wonder who is it from. I was circling the parcel to get some clue.

And i thought i could smell Boofume.

Then i started to unwrap the parcel.

And i peeked inside

It is the 'Giggler' (the one that i wanted Mama to get for me). There was also a card from the sender.

Recognise that handsome face. My guess was right all along. It was a Valentine Day pressie from my love, Boo. I am going to give him a face hug first.

Then i started to take out the 'Giggler' from the box.

There was a treat too.

And it sure was 'yummy'.

I shared with Boy too.

I am so happy.

Thank you, Boo for the lovely gifts. *Muah Muah*



Boo said...

welcome baby.

now i'm hoping mom would get that giggler ball for my barkday. kekeke.

are you keeping your hair long? your fur sure look fluffy. :-) since i have the gene of a pekingese, my fur is different from a pure shih tzu. i have curly fur at the end of my body and the fur around my neck is pretty curly too.

but now no more fluffy.

wet wet licks


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hey Boo, do i look fluffy or were you meaning to say that i am fat..hehe. I am not very sure whether i want to keep my hair long because Mama is pretty busy at work and then she got to look aft us and Nadya. She havent got much time to do the things that she loves like gardening, making jewellery..etc.

But actually, Boy got nicer fur than me if not for her recurring skin problem. And yes, maybe your mom should get the giggler for you too.


Boo said...

fat? who? you? ok, there's no proper photo to show your body so i can't tell if you are fat. hehehe. but you and boy boy do eat a lot... i mean it's your mama's fault for feeding you two too much. kekeke.

u know what the vet told mom? stop feeding me treats after he weighted me. but when mom ask him if i am over weight he said no. then, why stop the treats? sigh.

wet wet licks


Simba said...

You look really pleased with your present. Isn't Boo just the kindest most generous bestest looking dog in the world. Boo you are paying me to say all this stuff right?

Simba xx

Maggie said...

What a nice friend Boo is! I love the creative card that he sent too and what a sweetie you are to share with Boy!

Love ya lots,

Boo said...

simba, nope. i'm not paying you to say such nice things about me but i think you said it bcoz you LOVE me. kekeke.

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

we have that very same giggler! It is made by the same people that make the CUZ!!! boo sure is nice!

Scrappy said...

Awwwww isn't Boo sweet. I love his card to you how cute is that.....

Tail wags

Oscar Airedale said...

What a sweetie Boo is. Looks like you loved the gifts!

Oscar x

Sophie Brador said...

Giggler!? I've never heard of it, but I will start my mission to get my chomper on one right now. Hey Mom............

Anonymous said...


Cubby said...

You are so lucky to get a treat in the mail!!!

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Oh boy, oh boy Baby!! A Valentine'Day Card! So nice of Boo! Kisses!

chiyo said...

i could hear the giggler giggle when you were taking it out of the box!! it made me very excited :) hehehe. i wonder what a room full of gigglers will sound like. heehee!

hm... long hair takes so much time. HM doesn't have time for the things she loves to do either. it takes her an hour in the morning, and an hour at night to brush me everyday. plus 4 hours on sunday to bathe me. my friend fanny has short hair and she only needs 1.5 hours to go from dry to wet to dry again.


Sunshade said...

What a Casanova Boo is, you know, you are very lucky to have such a loving boyfriend....

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade