Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gifts from Sunshade!

Boy n Baby:
We havent heard much from Sunshade. We guess she must be busy with 'Stinky'. But last week we got a suprise in our mail box. We received a parcel from her.

She sent us 'Sailor' Collars. Mama assumes that the red one is for Baby while the blue one for Boy. Did she get it right, Sunshade?

She also send us some treats.

Top Left to Right: Doggie Wishbone (Beef Tendon), Bully Stick (Dehydrated Beef), 'Unknown' Bone & a Goodie Bag.

And inside the goodie bag was some 'yummy' looking cookies with icing.

We were fighting for the heart shaped with cupid arrow cookie. Finally, i gave in to Boy since he likes Sunshade alot.

Boy: It was superbly yummy.

But it left a stain on my mouth and i wasnt too happy because Mama wanted to clean it off.

Thank you Sunshade! We cant wait to try the rest of the treats and to show off our collars the next time we go out.

Boy n Baby


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Boy and Baby,
Those cookies look real tasty (esp with all the hearts!!)..

Maggie said...

You both look fabulous in your new sailor collars and the treats look so yummy! What a nice thing for Sunshade to do! I wish she wasn't so busy these days! I miss her!

Love ya lots,

Billy said...

Love the sailor collars you two! Looks mahvelous...and the treats YUMMY...I have a sweet tooth what can I say.

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

Fu Fu said...

Hee. you 2 can go sailing now. Boy was the cupid cookie yummy? It sure do look very tasty.

~ fufu

Ike's life said...

Everyone is getting bully sticks lately but me and my mom won't buy me one because they're dried bull thingies - whatever that is!

Boo said...

i love the sailor... moon, collars. ok ok, baby could be a sailormoon but not ah boy.

sunshade saw my post abt her gifts last week and told me that unknown is actually salmon skin. i got almost the same thing as you. guess what mom said? she said the bully stick STINKS BIG TIME! i've been chewing the stick since last sunday. nope, still haven't finished. i'm still chewing todate. LOL

when is baby gonna show us Mama's haircut? LOL i wonder how's your tail look like now? i hope it's not a rat tail like mine.

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

ooh the sailor collars are soo handsome! it might be Tanner Tuesday but I am NOT letting him comment on MY friend's blogs!!!

chiyo said...

bootiful collars! :) you guys also have a sailor suit right, i remember? :) hee hee... i loved the heart-shaped bone the most too. but it made my face red red and HM scrubbed my face :(

wow your cookies are still whole. mine were all broken and crumbly when it came.


Simba said...

You look so cool in your collars. Those treats, yummy!!!

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

I really like your collars, very smart. I really want to try bully stick. Mum doesn't think they sell them here though.

Oscar x

Jasper said...

Cute collars!! And those cookies look so yummie!

Ronin_The_Pug said...

WOW!!! Baby and Boy, you got cool gifts!!! Those "sailo" collars are so cuteee!!!