Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Today, i dedicate my blog to these special men in my life. They are...

He is also known as Boo the Casanova. He has the charms that can melt both hooman and any girl's heart. He even won Simba's heart. He even has a banner at his blog that has me on it

Boo Boo has big expressive eyes. Being older than me, he gives me a sense of security. And i find it super cute that he needs a towel to lie on if not he just cant get to sleep.

I have a major crush on him plus Mama just adores him. Joey's mum mentioned that he is a drama queen but for me, i would just say that he has excellent acting skills and will make it to the Emmy Awards one day.

Scrappy is my boyfriend. He recently created a video with a song for me. Specially for me! Isnt he sweet and creative...

Huskee is my 'new' man. He is very attentive guy, calling me names like Darling and Sweetheart. And Huskee, please take note of this. I will love you, with your hot spots, collar and all.

Latest Update:
Ike has asked to be my Valentine No 6 and i just cant resist this cute face. So this is Ike. I just got to know him and you should visit him and get to know him cos he is such a great guy.

So to all my man, Happy Valentine's Day. I not only wuf you on this day but for all my life. I will be thinking and dreaming of the 6 of you.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses

(Boy's post on his Valentine will be later because he is still wrecking his brains to come up with a poem, God bless him)


Ike's life said...

Can I be your valentine too because I have no takers and I don't mind being number 6.

Boo said...

oh baby is so sweet to put me on TOP! wah-ha-ha! huskee is in the bottom. wah-ha-ha!

happy valentine's day baby dearest!

wet wet licks


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hey Boo, Dont be naughty or i will demote you

I just go by who i know earliest to latest, thats all.

Love Baby

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hey Ike, of course you can be my Vamentine No. 6. I will try to update my blog later.


Ike's life said...

Thanks Baby! I am so honored!!!!
I just added my adoption day (July 2) because I don't know my barkday :(

Boo said...

oh dog, i'm sobbing... you can't possible thinking to demote me are you?

sob sob... a sad valentine...

wet wet licks


chiyo said...

happy valentine's day ah boy and baby!!! :)

and a big *MUAH* to Boy :)

hee hee so many men, baby? wow! i only have 3 so far, Boo, simba and Boy. boohoo!

Boy, do you want more girlfriends? i am advertising for you too! look at my post :p


Fu Fu said...

Woh, Baby, you got so many boyfriends now... Which one is your favourite?

~ fufu

Baily said...

Happy Valentines Day Boy & Baby!!!

nose licks

Scrappy said...

Happy V Day Babyface and Boy. I am a little further down the list than I would have liked to be but I guess just being on it is an honor. Blame my mom for missing the updates on your blog and for the mail not arriving in time.

Valentine day nose licks to Baby
~Scrappy xoxo

Huskee Boy said...

Oh Baby,
Did you see what a meanie Boo is??! You were only saving the best for last right?
Oh boy, there's so much competition.. *faint*

fee said...

happy valentine's day, boy and baby! i see baby already has a long list of dates – have fun!

loves and kisses,

Carol said...

here's ishing you a Happy Valentines Day.

Oscar Airedale said...

No wonder you have so many Valentines pretty Baby. I'll join the queue!

Oscar x

Maggie said...

You sure choose hunky men Baby! Good choices - all of them!

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

I feel so honored! and yes, it is JUST acting!!!